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How Vyond Helped a Leading Cruise Company Create Critical Training for Their Global Workforce

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With Vyond, the team delivered 100% of critical training content ahead of their post-pandemic relaunch

About the company

One of the leading cruise companies in the world, this organization has a global fleet of 50+ ships traveling to approximately 1,000 destinations around the world.






As a leading cruise company prepared to relaunch their fleet of ships after the pandemic, there were large gaps in training newly hired employees, upskilling existing colleagues to meet new safety guidelines, and educating staff on new products and initiatives aimed at bringing customers back.

Many members of the company’s client-facing, global contact center workforce speak more than one language, so for English-language content, visual and audio-based training programs resonate better than text-heavy materials. And with ever-changing guidelines, the three-person L&D content development team needed an agile, effective way to create materials while also increasing engagement and retention.

The team had tried other solutions, like Adobe Suite, but found them overly complex. They wanted something more accessible and scalable to help them meet business demands faster.

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The content development team set to work creating the required new hire, upskill, and sales training videos, in many cases taking advantage of pre-built Vyond assets like scene templates and pre-animated motions rather than starting from a blank canvas.

The team’s scope eventually grew to include a new initiative: several business leaders wanted to circulate weekly updates to their departments. They wanted to use video for better engagement, but not everyone could regularly appear on video. The team created characters for them in Vyond, so each week, leaders simply sent in their audio and the team stitched it into a new video.

How Vyond helped

The content development team used Vyond to meet 100% of the new training demand. The team credits a few reasons why Vyond was so helpful in addressing this challenge.

First, Vyond was fast: rich libraries of content assets meant they never had to start from scratch. And as the team grew, new employees could jump in quickly and start contributing because Vyond is intuitive and easy to use.

Second, animated video was well suited to address the team’s challenges, then and now. Vyond’s capability to create custom characters let them reflect their customer bases around the world, ensuring that all their training videos were as relevant and appropriate as possible. And leaders could also deliver weekly updates in an engaging way via their custom characters.

Additionally, shifting from text-heavy training materials to animated video, which is especially effective with visual and auditory learners, generated an anecdotal increase in engagement and retention across the global employee base.

Even now, as the company has moved past its post-pandemic challenges, the content development team continues to appreciate Vyond’s versatility: they use it to create a diverse range of employee communications, including company announcements, sales trainings, and product rollouts.

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“Vyond let us add a level of engagement and interactivity quickly to meet our deadlines, without the learning curve.“

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Leading Cruise Company

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