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GoAnimate allows you to make great professional animated videos for your business. However, getting your audience to watch your videos is only the first step. Your end goal needs to be converting those viewers into leads, sales or fans. That is why we at Viewbix are proud to partner with GoAnimate and let you add our customized apps and calls to action to your GoAnimate videos.

Ready to drive more leads and sales from your videos? Here are 6 tips to get you started

Add a call to action to your Video:

People are watching your video, but now what? By adding a call to action to your videos, you give viewers the chance to immediately purchase your product, donate to your cause, join your mailing list and more. Tell them what you want them to do!

On average Viewbix users are seeing nearly 10% of their viewers click on the call to action button!


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Make Videos a part of your email marketing strategy:

Are you viewers not ready to buy just yet? Get them to sign up for your mailing list and start cultivating those leads. Put a sign up form directly in the video and start capturing their email addresses. Want to increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns? Put your videos in the email, studies have shown this can double the CTR of your emails!

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Post Roll

You’ve created really compelling content that your viewers are watching all the way till the end. That tells you that these are really interested viewers, but how can you convert these highly engaged viewers? Use a post roll!

Post rolls show up in the video player once the video is over and have an especially high engagement rate. Instead of having users replay the video, you can ask them for their email address, have them call you on Skype and more.

Start Sharing your Videos

People are watching your videos everywhere. The key is to drive leads and sales whenever and wherever they are watching. So what are you waiting for, start posting your interactive videos on your Facebook pages and Twitter. When your fans share those videos, all of their friends become potentials leads or customers for your business!

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Video Analytics:

How do the best video marketers get the most out of their videos? By constantly A/B testing what offers will work best. For example, run a video with two different calls to action, trying a more direct approach like “buy now” vs a softer sell “shop now” and see which option results in the biggest lift in sales. But keep testing, even merely changing the color of your player can have a big impact on your videos CTR.

Add Dynamic Feeds to your Videos:

People like options so don’t just offer them a call to action. By using a dynamic RSS Feed you can connect a live product feed and have users browse your entire catalog from within their video player.

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We’d love to hear how you’ve driven more leads, sales and fans from your videos, use the comment section below to share your ideas.

To learn more about how to leverage GoAnimate and Viewbix check us out at www.viewbix.com