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The font you use is an extension of your brand. Your customers associate your brand with it, so you must use a font that communicates the style and values you want. But, of course, the font must be readable, too. So it’s vital to choose its placement carefully, considering design principles like visual hierarchy, contrast, and alignment.

In Vyond Studio, you can place and customize any font you want—in a few clicks.

You can pick a font based on your target audience

The font you use influences how your viewers react to your video. For example, statisticians may find informal fonts like Comic Sans immature, perhaps making them question if the video comes from a reliable source. But if your viewers are 10-year-olds, they won’t bat an eye after seeing this font.

Vyond Studio comes with 38 fonts you can use regardless of your account plan, from casual fonts like Caveat Brush to more traditional-looking ones like Vidaloka. To switch fonts, click on Text Settings on the right side of the toolbar and choose one of the 38 from the Font drop-down.

List of Available fonts in Vyond Studio. You can also upload your own fonts to use in Vyond Studio

You can also import any font you’d like, whether it comes from Adobe Fonts, FontShop, or other font marketplaces if you have a Professional or Enterprise account.


The process takes a few steps. First, download your licensed font in a .otf or .ttf file format with a file size below 15MB. Next, click Import inside the Upload menu on the toolbar’s left side and pick your font. From now on, every time you log in to Vyond Studio, you’ll find your font in the Text Settings option.

You can add them to any project

You can use text to add context to a scene or attract the user’s attention to a specific portion of the screen. For example, in the video below, there is a billboard hinting at the driver’s destiny. It’s a subtle detail but makes the viewer curious about the upcoming events.

From Vyond Studio’s interface, click on Text on the toolbar’s left side and choose the text box style that aligns with your project’s needs.

You can customize your text box

The text needs to be readable and positioned deliberately so your viewer knows what information you’re trying to communicate.

Your subtitles, titles, and paragraphs should be different sizes and in different locations to communicate the difference between them. Generally, you should make your title twice as big as your paragraphs or subtitles. This jump between sizes is known as the Double Point Size rule. Its goal is to let your design guide the viewer into what they should read first.

If you’re just starting out with text layouts, the basic rule you should follow is to “justify type left,” which means to align text along the left edge of the screen or frame. You justify type left in Latin languages (English, Spanish, etc.) in particular because text is written from left to right. So our eye naturally falls to the left side of a frame, looking for the start of words.

Alternatively, if you are writing in a language that reads from right to left, justify your text to the right. Then, you can either copy and paste your text into a text box or type it directly. Either way, the text box will recognize the language and adjust the textbox to its content.

You can Auto Size fonts on Vyond Studio

The Auto Size feature modifies your font’s size based on the size of the text box.

There are two main ways in which Auto Size works. First, if you create a text box and Auto Size is on, your text’s size will automatically change to fit the box. So if you have one word, like “cow,” in a small font size inside a large text box, the font size will increase to fit in the box.

Second, if you have a text box with any amount of text in it and enlarge or shrink the text box, the text will enlarge or shrink according to the change.


The Auto Size feature is available to all Vyond users. First, select the text box you want to Auto Size to reveal the Text Settings menu in the top right portion of the toolbar. Then, tick the Auto Size box. Unless you turn Auto Size off, it will affect that specific text box for the rest of the project.

You can incorporate them into a style guide

A style guide is a document where you add the visual details your work should follow across the project, such as the font you’ll use, the size of headers, and the colors of the paragraphs.


In Vyond Studio, you can use the first scene as a style guide. You can add the text boxes for titles, paragraphs, and subtitles with the Text Settings you want. And then, when it’s time to create your animated project, copy-paste the text boxes from the first scene into the last one. This will maintain a cohesive style across the project.

You can make them move to engage the viewer

Text that moves is known as kinetic text. This type of text aims to attract the viewer’s attention to read what you wrote, which it achieves typically more successfully than static text.


Your text’s movement needs to be well-thought-out. Too much movement and you can confuse the reader. But too little, and your readers might miss the text you so carefully constructed.

So, to achieve a balance in the amount of kinetic text you add, highlight the most critical phrases from your finished script. These are the words you’ll want to animate. Once you know which words to emphasize, create or open a video project in Vyond.

From there, you’ll be able to use our Enter and Exit effects, Continue Last Scene feature, and Motion Paths to bring your sentences to life. You can read the step-by-step guide to do it here.

Use and customize any font you’d like in Vyond Studio

Your brand’s font is a communication channel. It enhances your storytelling by adding more details to your story. It communicates the characteristics of your brand, too. For example, a detail-rich font may convey your brand appreciates art, and a formal one may transmit you took video production seriously.

In Vyond Studio, you can pick any font you’d like, no matter the values, emotions, or brand qualities you want to convey.

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