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What do you think of when you hear the word “animation?” Did you say Disney? Most people do. We’ve all seen Disney movies on the big screen, video, DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming that showcase The Lion King, Snow White, or the Frozen princesses. The movies look slick, colorful, and even complicated.

Many years ago, when Disney first started, creating 2D Animation was indeed complicated and time-consuming. Illustrators physically drew each character by hand and created a new drawing for each movement every character made. Now that’s complicated!

Decades later, creating 2D animation characters is much easier, and at IDOL courses Academy, every one of my students can create beautiful explainer videos using Vyond by the end of their self-paced professional development journey.


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Why 2D Animation?

If you look around, you can see examples of 2D Animation everywhere: at home and in training courses at work. During the pandemic, many companies reached for animated videos to train their employees remotely. As a result, CEOs and business owners turned to instructional designers, because they have the knowledge and talent to ensure two things result from 2D animation videos:

  1. The end product meets business objectives.
  2. The training itself engages learners with 2D Animation in Instructional design videos.

See why instructional designers are in high demand?! Everyone seems to want 2D animation videos in corporate training. As a result, much like you, many people consider a career in instructional design because of that high demand, lucrative pay, and remote work. Many—especially former and current teachers—are scrambling to learn 2D animation software programs like Vyond because employers look for it on resumes and digital portfolios.


How IDOL courses Academy Helps IDs Learn Animation

At IDOL courses Academy, we give new and developing instructional designers an advantage over other instructional design students by giving them a kickstart in Vyond, one of the most popular cloud-based animation programs for eLearning. The IDOL Movie Magic course takes learners through eight comprehensive modules to create 2D Animation assets for their portfolio. In addition, IDOL courses Academy provides you with a temporary subscription to the platform to create your explainer video. Current IDOL courses Academy student Maya Haritan, M.Ed., who is also a former teacher, explains:

“I’ve created a lot of iPhone videos for class – especially for the whole pandemic – and it took a lot of editing. I wish I knew about Vyond back then! What IDOL courses Academy helped me with was knowing all of the capabilities Vyond can do.”


IDOL courses Academy offers a detailed eight-module course showing students how to use all the features Vyond offers. The course is self-paced over 3+ hours, and like all IDOL Academy courses, provides mentoring and coach feedback from IDOL alumni and the founder (me!), Robin Sargent, Ph.D.. Many alumni work for corporations in the Fortune 500 like Wal-Mart, General Motors, Google, Amazon, and Uber.

Once you are an IDOL, you will have lifetime access to the IDOL courses Academy. Moreover, since we believe in continuous improvement, the IDOL Movie Magic course is updated regularly, just like all Academy courses. The eight modules you will cover and learn from in IDOL Movie Magic are:

  • Introduction to the Vyond dashboard, timeline, and slide set-up,
  • Scene creation, animations, and transitions,
  • Character categories, Animation, synching, movement, expressions, interactions, and consistency,
  • Adding, replacing, or animating assets (including cropping, motion paths, transitions, props, and masking),
  • Music and sound effects
  • Voice-over importing, editing, dialogue and synching,
  • Branding, including storyboarding, scene styling, color, font, sound, music, and logos, and
  • Sharing and exporting your final explainer video, including managing your video library and related copyrights.

Want to help people learn through engaging video creations? If so, earning an IDOL Movie Magic credential and digital badge through Credly may help prepare you for a lucrative instructional design career.


In our post-pandemic world, organizations are reshaping the way they do business and training. For example, human resources directors depend on their learning and development team to support their global, virtual workforce. Likewise, business owners and C-suite executives consider employee training as a critical contributor to overall company success.

Using Vyond to create engaging explainer videos helps engage employees who previously were bored to tears by the same ole’ training videos. Having a Credly badge on your resume for IDOL Movie Magic will ensure you stand out above other candidates when applying for jobs as it demonstrates your ability to create explainer videos using Vyond.

“I would not have learned the full scope of Vyond – like the scene transition meanings or the characters lip-synching with voiceovers – without IDOL’s detailed step-by-step instructions and interaction explanations. Nor would I have earned the Credly badge without knowing “why” we take each step when creating these videos – previous teachers (like me) want to know the “why” behind what we create for students and exactly how it will help our learners – IDOL’s material explained all of this information and more.”
Maya Haritan, M.Ed., current IDOL student


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Upskilling Advice for Instructional Designers

Enrolling in the IDOL courses Academy is the easy part. Earning the IDOL courses Academy badges (four) and creating your rockstar digital portfolio is the hard part, but you can do it because we will support you every step of the way.

Regardless of how you plan to level up your instructional design skills, here are the steps you’ll want to get started on today:

Step 1: Do your research.

We want to ensure the IDOL courses Academy is a good fit for you and your career goals. We know what the IDOL courses Academy offers and what current and previous IDOL courses Academy students have experienced. However, we don’t know your goals, so you’ll have to compare your goals to our offerings and student accomplishments.

Step 2: Familiarize yourself with what we call ID Rockstars.

You can find them on LinkedIn, speaking at conferences, writing books (look on Amazon), and appearing in your local ATD organizational events. Look at their portfolios and look at the portfolios of our former students.

Step 3: Get organized.

Think about how you organize yourself best. Do you use Trello? Your iPhone? A notebook and pen like the old days? You’ll want to create a system for learning, like your own personal toolbox.

Step 4: List your ideal clients.

Think of ten companies you would love to have as clients (if you were to freelance) or ten companies you would love to work for (if you want to be an ID employee). Write them down and include “why” you chose these companies. Save this information in your toolbox. If you enroll in the IDOL courses Academy, we’ll return to this information later.

Step 5: Take inventory of your skills.

What are you good at? What do people say is your Superpower? What do you want to learn more about? What do you need to improve on in terms of skills? Write these items down and place them in your toolbox. If you enroll in the IDOL courses Academy, we will come back to this information later.

Step 6: Review your budget.

How much can you afford to spend on upskilling? How much do you currently make working? How much do you want to make as an instructional designer? How much does say instructional designers make?

Step 7: Sleep on it.

Enrolling in the IDOL courses Academy is a big decision. So, like other significant, life-changing decisions, we want you to sleep on it before you make an informed decision about enrolling as an IDOL. If you have questions about the IDOL courses Academy or any facet of it, please email us.

Step 8: Enroll in the right course.

If you decide IDOL courses Academy is for you, we will be happy to see you and help coach you through the IDOL courses Academy and the IDOL Movie Magic course! Click here to enroll or get notified when enrollment opens!


Start Learning 2D Animation for Instructional design

If you are interested in learning 2D Animation for Instructional design and telling stories through characters, then the IDOL courses Academy may be a perfect fit for you. We’ve done all of the homework on storytelling and 2D Animation for you, plus we’ve gathered everything you need to be successful as an IDOL courses Academy student. All you have to do is show up, do the hard work to learn the ropes, create a digital portfolio that earns our coach’s gold stamp of approval and Credly badges. Finally, we’ll help you prepare for the next phase of your career by working on your resume and coaching you through the interview preparation process. There’s no experience or degree needed for admission to the IDOL courses Academy. Sound like a plan? Enroll today.


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