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This year, we’re dealing you into better business communications with a full deck of 52 video ideas. Next up: Learning & Development!

We’ve come a long way from the primitive training videos of yesteryear, and tools like Vyond Studio make it easy to engage audiences with interactive, story-driven, and on-demand content. Read on for four fresh ideas you can bring to your L&D video strategy:


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4 Examples of Video for Learning and Development

Promote Your Program


This kind of learning and development video can boost learner engagement before your first session even starts. Promotional videos can go a long way in generating interest and excitement for any kind of learning experience. Just look at the above example from instructional design expert, Rance Greene!

Conference Staff Training


Just-in-time (“JIL”) training is one of the biggest crazes in eLearning, and with good reason. By producing short consumable chunks of Learning and Development content that learners can access as soon as they need it, you can boost retention and maximize engagement. Training videos for conference staff like the one above are perfect for giving employees everything they need for event success, whether they watch it on the plane, at the hotel, or on the conference floor.

Scenario-Based Training


One of video’s greatest superpowers is its ability to tell a story. Communicate complex ideas with training videos driven by stories and characters. Using scenario-based training not only engages learners effectively but also provides an opportunity to make the video specific to your context without revealing personal information. (It also helps that Vyond Studio comes packed with props for hundreds of industries, jobs, and settings.)

With a Vyond plan, you can customize this anti-retaliation training video by using it as a template.


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Cybersecurity Training


Engaging learners can feel ten times more difficult when you’re faced with a tricky topic, and few topics are as tricky as cybersecurity. The all-important subject comes with everything you need to bore learners: technical jargon, regulatory policies, and abstract ideas. Use video to cut through the fog.

If you’re a Vyond customer, you can use this video—and more of our creations—as a template that you customize with your own branding and content.



Create Your Own Videos for Learning & Development

There’s a reason why Vyond is the leading platform for creating your own training videos. Robust and powerful customization features are all wrapped into our simple, easy-for-everyone studio that comes fully loaded with everything you need to build engaging learning experiences. See where your creativity can take you with a free 14-day trial of Vyond.