A while back we mentioned that having great audio will help give your video a finished, polished touch. One of the best ways to achieve this is by recording your audio externally, either at a professional facility or in a quiet room with some good equipment. Then, import the audio into Vyond by using the file upload option in Vyond Studio.

Although the size limitation is 15MB, it’s not a good idea to upload a file that big for dialogue in Vyond.

At a minimum, you’ll need to break up your audio files into individual lines. That’s because only one character can speak at a time within a scene. But we recommend breaking individual characters’ lines into smaller pieces.

Give the above, your imported dialogue files should never be bigger than 2MB-4MB.

So, why break up your dialogue? Simply put, it will result in a better video. Here’s why:

  • Vyond videos are divided into scenes. In dialogue-based videos (versus voiceover narration-based videos), each scene’s default length is a single line of dialogue. You should create a new scene for each newly imported audio file. Creating a new scene is as easy as clicking the “+” sign in the timeline. Each subsequent scene’s characters, props, backgrounds, and other assets will be exactly where you left it in the previous scene, resulting in a seamless transition.
  • Going back to scene length — if your lines of dialogue are long, there will be a lot of time to cover. Imagine a character delivering a diatribe, long speech or description with one action only – or worse yet – no action. B-O-R-I-N-G. It’s easier (and better) to manipulate one visual element (entrances and exits, camera moves, etc.) at a time. By default, shorter scenes are easier to keep visually interesting. The result is a faster, more dynamic pace – and a more engaging video. Win / win!
  • In essence, having more scenes means you’ll have better control over your video. As an added bonus, it will also reduce the amount of time it takes to upload and process the MP3. Most importantly, it will help your characters lip-sync well. So you should always upload each small file into a scene.

How do you break up your audio?

  • If you’re using one of our voice partners to create the audio for you, be sure to request your audio to be broken up by line. And remember to break loooong lines into smaller lines. You can do this by leaving a message with your request in the script you send to them.
  • If you’re DIY-ing your own audio, you can break up one audio file or even record several pieces in a free service like Audacity.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at support@vyond.com.