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Training needs are changing. Today’s employees have multiple ways to stay on top of trends, tactics, and knowledge inside and outside their fields.

The acceleration of remote work as a norm has challenged companies to train their staff on valuable skills from a distance. Fortunately, remote training is a preference and not a burden for employees—51% report preferring self-led online training to other forms of training.

Nedko Krastev provides that online training with 365 Data Science, the online course platform he co-founded. The company’s goal is to help people of all levels grow in their careers as data scientists, data analysts, and business analysts without investing in an expensive degree. Instead, millions of students can pick between 38 high-quality online courses in their own time and expand their skill sets.

We interviewed Nedko to learn how 365 Data Science uses Vyond to create online courses for millions of people worldwide. You can apply these lessons to train your staff on the skills to keep your business relevant.


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How do you use video at 365 Data Science?

Nedko: Videos are at the center of our business—we are a company specializing in online course creation. We create, distribute, and deliver top-quality online courses to a global audience. Currently, we aim to establish our proprietary platform as one of the leading players in the data science and finance niches.

What are your steps to take a course from idea to finished project?

Nedko: A course creator on our team writes a script and creates a storyboard. Then, they hand the storyboard to a visual artist who recreates it in Vyond. Once the video is ready, we record a voiceover, add sound, and publish it on our platforms or YouTube if it’s marketing related.

More and more companies are entering the eLearning space; how do you make your videos stand out from your competitors’?

Nedko: I believe animation and engaging storytelling are the two secrets that allow us to create more engaging videos compared to other companies in our field. We put a lot of effort and time in order to do that, but it certainly pays off in terms of higher user engagement in the long run. One of the most important aspects of online education is to engage learners. We do that by leveraging storytelling and visual representation in our videos. Vyond is instrumental for both of these techniques—you have a very hard time telling a story with PowerPoint slides, for example. At the same time, After Effects isn’t a solution that allows us to create multi-hour courses. Vyond brings the best of both worlds.

What’s some of the feedback you have received around the course and the resources you offer?

Nedko: “As a former BI Data lead & IT Consultant (MIS/Comp Sci), the detailed subject materials, along with the infographic styled storied presentations, were extraordinarily well done.”

“I loved this course, and I was able to learn many new valuable ideas and techniques! The animations and explanation suited me, and I was able to understand concepts that used to confuse me!”

“I studied probability, statistics, and AI at university, which made it easier for me to grasp some concepts. And since I’m familiar with Java, it made it easier for me to learn Python and its packages. So we could say that some parts of the course were like refreshers, but the best part is that now I get to understand them and untangle a few knots in my head!”

Which video software other than Vyond have you tried so far?

Nedko: Prior to using Vyond, we used a software called VideoMakerFX. It provided certain templates that we could fill in, but it didn’t allow for storytelling, and videos created with it were mostly static. At the time, our videos felt like a podcast with some presentation text on the screen. Once we started using Vyond, we were able to greatly improve the storytelling used in our courses, which became a trademark of our business.


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What makes Vyond more useful to use than VideoMakerFX and other software?

Nedko: A large part of the visuals used in our videos are not from the library we have in Vyond. But the engine that Vyond provides for moving objects and creating a video is so much faster than other software such as After Effects. We almost always rely on Vyond for our course creation needs.

How long did it take your team to become Vyond experts?

Nedko: When we hire a new visual artist, they almost immediately start using Vyond. In less than two to three weeks, our visual artists can create amazing videos leveraging Vyond and the Adobe suite together. Creating quality videos takes some time, but in the long run, it is worth the investment.

What’s your next project?

Nedko: Our most important projects are the two platforms, 365datascience.com and 365financialanalyst.com. We want to do our best to engage users and deliver a great learning experience.

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Nedko: Like 365 Data Science, you can use Vyond’s intuitive interface and fast engine to take your courses from ideas to reality. Animated videos will help you keep your customers’ and employees’ attention throughout the course. The videos also teach them valuable skills to apply to their personal lives and work.

Thanks to our many templates, you can create videos faster regardless of the type of training you want to produce.

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