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As the digital media landscape has gotten more cluttered, video has emerged as the best way for marketers to reach audiences. Two-thirds of consumers reported that they’d rather learn about a product from a video than any other medium, and 74% of shoppers say they’ve been convinced to buy something from a video.

Need some inspiration for your video marketing strategy? Look no further! We’ve got 4 video marketing ideas for you.

This year, we’re dealing you in with 52 ways to communicate with video. Today, we’re focusing on four fresh ideas for marketing:

  1. Use Visual Metaphors
  2. Build a Personal Brand
  3. Share Customer Testimonials
  4. Advertise on Social Media

Read on to get inspired, and make your own marketing videos with Vyond!


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Video Marketing Ideas

1. Use Visual Metaphor


Video works because it engages audiences organically through rich media. By layering visuals with motion, music, and sound, you’re able to captivate the attention of your viewers.

If you have a complex idea—particularly for B2B video marketing—it’s wise to create rich media moments that communicate through metaphor. The Vyond marketing video above showcases common idioms and metaphors that can be used to get your message across with animation.

Can you think of any others? Customize these metaphors and add your own by importing this video into an existing Vyond account.



2. Build a Personal Brand

Video marketing isn’t just for selling a product. Use video to build a personal brand and develop a professional network!

We’ve seen tons of great examples from the Vyond Maker Community of building your personal brand with video, from video resumes to videos of recommendation and beyond! We asked one such maker, Louis Ceaser IV, to tell us more about how he creates videos for LinkedIn:


By sharing your story with video, you can create a more personal connection with your network while building a visually recognizable brand. Get started in Vyond Studio today, or connect with Louis for help.



3. Share Customer Testimonials


You put a lot of time and effort into making your customers happy. Once they’re singing your praises, it should be easy to get those testimonials out into the world.

Animated video provides a unique solution to sharing compelling social proof. By making your own testimonial video, you’re able to produce the content quickly and cost-effectively. With animation, you give yourself the opportunity to share testimonials anonymously with graphics and characters instead of live-action footage. The format also lends itself to easily updating the testimonial down the line.

If you’re already a Vyond customer, you can use the video above with placeholders to kick-start your own video testimonial project.



4. Video Marketing for Social Media


Using video in digital advertising isn’t necessarily a new idea, but there’s still plenty of room to innovate.

Another member of the Vyond Maker Community, Rued Riis, relies heavily on video to reach potential customers with Facebook video ads. In videos like the one above, he goes beyond the traditional 1-2 minute promo video to share long-form video content in his paid advertisements. These allow him to deliver meaningful value to his customers and engage them deeply despite the noisy digital landscape.

By using animation to create video ads for social media, you’re able to easily optimize your video content, too. Conduct A/B tests with slightly different versions of the same video, and continuously tweak and edit your content in response to ad performance.

Ready to master the art of animated ads? Take Rued’s course on creating animated videos with Vyond.




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