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Research firm Tripod Education Partners is credited with developing the 7 Cs of Effective Teaching, an increasingly favored framework popularized by the Harvard Kennedy School. In it, Tripod lays out seven simple principles for more engaging instruction:

    1. Challenge: Insist that students persevere and do their best work
    2. Classroom Management: foster orderly, respectful, and on-task classroom behavior
    3. Care: show concern for students’ emotional and academic well-being
    4. Confer: encourage and value students’ ideas and views
    5. Clarify: help students understand the content and resolve confusion
    6. Consolidate: help students integrate and synthesize key ideas

And finally:

    1. Captivate: spark and maintain student interest in learning

As any educator will tell you, that last point is much more easily said than done. In our increasingly digital world, how can today’s teachers defeat distractions and fully captivate their students?

That’s where video comes in. With today’s technology, it’s easy for any educator to develop engaging multimedia learning experiences that capitalize on the power of video.

This year at Vyond, we’re dealing you into a full deck of communication tools by sharing 52 unexpected use cases for video. Here are four ideas for captivating students and improving education with media you make yourself:


4 Ideas for Video in Education

Language Learning Videos


Language learning makes one of the strongest cases for more captivating classrooms. Rote memorization and writing exercises pale in comparison to more engaging educational experiences. By creating your own language learning videos like the one above, you can support your own curriculum and encourage immersion, all while sparking a genuine interest from your learners.

Children’s Educational Videos


Video is a language that everyone can understand, and you can create compelling content for any age. Just take a look at this French-language video created by Big Bang Science to teach young children about exotic fruits! Creating videos with your audience in mind is the best way to captivate learners, from kindergarten to college and beyond.

Clarifying Complex Concepts


There’s a reason Clarify is one of the 7 Cs, and when it comes to clarifying complex concepts, there’s no better medium than animation. Video is a proven, brain-backed way to break down abstract ideas into easy-to-understand content. Just look at the above example, which explains our not-so-simple economy in just 48 seconds.

Introducing Tools & Software


These days, Classroom Management is as much a digital skill as it is an interpersonal one. Every day, it seems, there are new tools and technologies available to educators. Video is a great way to encourage easy adoption of those tools by teachers and students alike, as exemplified by the above training video created by Brandman University to train the trainers on using Blackboard.


Create captivating educational experiences.

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