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This year, Vyond is dealing you in with a full deck of 52 ideas for better business communication. Next up: vlogging!

Vlogging has come a long way since its inception during the early days of YouTube. Still not sold? Ask the 22,000 YouTubers with over a million followers!

No matter where you’re sharing video content, vlogging can teach us some invaluable lessons about building a personal connection with our audiences. When we share our own experiences and document compelling stories, we can engage viewers in impressively impactful ways.

Even if your goal isn’t to become a viral vlogger, you can co-opt the vlogging style with video content that tells a story. Businesses can learn a lot from vlogging in particular about creating serialized content and crafting consistent messages throughout their content. Even internally, vlogging can be an exciting medium for communicating with your team: from telling customer stories to sharing company updates.

With Vyond Studio, you can take your videos to the next level with dynamic animation and mixed styles. Here are four ideas to get started:

  1. Travel Vlogging
  2. LinkedIn Cover Stories
  3. Food Vlogging
  4. Animated Interviews

Ideas for Animated Vlogs

1. Travel Vlogging

Whether showing teammates where you went on vacation, or promoting a conference your company attended, travel vlogging is an excellent medium to use. By adopting a mixed-media approach, you can include all your images and videos with all the dynamism of animation.

The above video template is ready to use with any Vyond subscription.


2. LinkedIn Cover Stories

Vlogging is a particularly powerful way to build your personal brand, and what better place to do that than LinkedIn? With their new Cover Stories feature, you can add a dynamic vertical video to your LinkedIn profile right where your avatar is displayed. Learn more in our comprehensive guide to LinkedIn Cover Stories!

Vyond customers can get a head start on creating their LinkedIn Cover Story by using the example above as a template.


3. Food Vlogging

Food has a magical way of bringing people together. Why not use it to bring you closer to your audience? With themes of community, story, and pleasure, it’s no wonder that culinary content is among the most popular genres around the globe. Capitalize on the trend to build a personal connection with your viewers, even if you’re not a food expert.

In 2020, we created a series of food-related videos to help connect us to the broader Vyond community as part of a year-end promotional campaign. You can watch the full series here!


4. Animated Interviews

Interviews are fantastic storytelling vehicles—just look at podcasts! Starting a podcast has skyrocketed in popularity as a way to easily share powerful ideas in a more human way. By introducing animation to your recorded interviews, you can unlock that potential with dynamic, engaging visuals. With Vyond Studio, you can turn voice memos, phone calls, and Zoom calls into high quality animated interviews.

Vyond customers can open the above video in Vyond Studio to peek at the scenes we build with Vyond.


Build personal connections with video.

Even if you’re not among the 30% of young people aspiring to become a professional YouTuber, vlogging can be a powerful tool for building meaningful connections. Those connections could be your teammates, future employers, and your customers. With authentic, personal, and visual storytelling, the possibilities are limitless. Get started with animated video with a free 14-day trial of Vyond Studio.