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Summary of Success

  • Vyond animation, coupled with Articulate Storyline’s interactivity, made it possible for Vodafone to create training for their biggest SAP software update in two decades—in only two months.
  • The fun and informative recurring character, S4 Hana, helped employees quickly recognize software training materials and made them something employees looked forward to.
  • Splitting training into smaller, interactive video modules helped Vodafone employees easily digest the information.

The Challenge

Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. With nearly 100,000 employees spread out across more than 20 countries, Vodafone faces a number of common hurdles with training: distribution, ensuring the material is easy to digest, translation, and nimbly creating content to address an array of questions and needs. Vodafone has more than 440 million customers and providing the best training for the employees serving these customers is a top priority.

To help Vodafone’s team better serve their growing customer base, the company prepared to implement their largest SAP update in two decades. The update, called EVO S4, would streamline many of Vodafone’s day-to-day activities and make it easier than ever to help customers. But EVO S4 would be a major change and would also entail extensive training.

With the incoming release of Vodafone’s biggest SAP update in 20 years and 100+ pages of dense documentation to transform into eLearning in a few months’ time, Vodafone had to find a way to prepare their global team, and fast.

The Solution

Vodafone had previous experience with Vyond, so they knew exactly which tool to use for video creation. But they still needed to cover the right information in a way that made it accessible to thousands of employees around the world.

The Learning Developer team began by partnering up with the process experts and System Integrators to get a better understanding of what the new system would do. With the right background knowledge, the team was ready to create the basic structure for 10 complex eLearning modules. This stage of the process took two weeks, leaving them two months to create 20+ training videos.

Leveraging their Vyond experience, the team created Vodafone-branded video templates, which the team could then use to quickly create videos on different training topics while keeping a unified brand and style throughout the training. They’d then use their completed videos in conjunction with Articulate Storyline—an interactive course-creation platform—to merge the videos and interactive units together.

EVO S4 Introduction



Along with the templates, the team created the character, Hana, who would be the face of EVO S4. The team used Hana in every video, making the training videos immediately recognizable as being related to the forthcoming SAP update. The team then took things a step further and used Hana in all EVO S4-related communications. This included their ongoing video series, “Hana’s tip of the week.” Their videos are distributed in their LMS with videos available on the internal “VodafoneTube” and within their Internal Facebook communication tool.

“Hana’s character always has good advice. It’s pretty useful and I’ll definitely keep following the S4 Hana Workplace channel to get to know more.”

— Vodafone Employee.

The Results

Vodafone’s Vyond account paid off tenfold during their implementation of EVO S4. Through careful and calculated use of templated videos, Vodafone was able to create strategic learning paths. These videos allowed them to guide their many employees through the process of understanding a new system.

Engagement with the videos has been a success as well, thanks in part to Vodafone’s use of storytelling and character development of S4 Hana. By using Articulate Storyline, Vodafone was able to break information into smaller modules. These modules made it easy for users to quickly learn pieces of essential information while avoiding any kind of information overload.

HANA Tips: Setting up Your Substitute on EVO S4 Launchpad


“I really liked that the learning was divided into smaller sections, so it’s easy to continue with another section or even skip those parts which were not applicable for me.”

— Vodafone Employee.

Ultimately, Hana was the star of the show. Her character and advice became a mainstay at Vodafone and was something employees looked forward to and benefited from.

Their training also didn’t stop when they covered all the original information. The team still creates videos anytime they encounter a frequently asked question. This allows Vodafone to ensure employees are never in the dark and helps the team get the most out of the EVO S4 update