Do you feel like the videos you create in Vyond Studio are missing that extra spark to help capture your audience’s attention? In this webinar, Erin, Lye Cwan, and Tim from Vyond’s customer success team will teach you their tips and tricks on how to take your videos from good to great.


Watch to learn how to:

    • Make real, tangible improvements to your Vyond videos
    • Utilize scene transitions, use the camera tool, and add sound effects
    • Vary your camera movements to impact your scenes and keep your audiences engaged
    • Make your choppy scene transitions smooth and engaging

Try these great video templates

We shared three before-and-after video examples during the webinar to show how scene transitions, camera movement, and sound effects can help you take your videos from good to great. Watch each “after” video below. Then, open them in your Vyond Studio account to see how each was made, make edits, and use them as templates for your own videos.

To do this, sign into your Vyond account or free trial and then click the links below to open the video templates in Vyond Studio. You will be able to explore and edit the videos while on a free trial, and you will be able to download and use the videos on a paid subscription.

Scene Transitions

CLICK HERE to open this video in your Vyond account.

Camera Movement

CLICK HERE to open this video in your Vyond account. 

Sound Effects


CLICK HERE to open this video in your Vyond account. Vyond Studio comes with 168 sound effects, and you can import your own MP3, M4A, or WAV audio files. Some sound effects in the video above are removed from the template because we do not have the legal rights to share them with you.

About Vyond

Vyond allows people of all skill levels in all industries and job roles to create dynamic and powerful media. With features that go beyond moving text and images, you can build character-driven stories or compelling data visualizations that engage audiences and deliver results.

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