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Selling Videos to Third Parties

Your Vyond subscription gives you the right to create and display videos for your own commercial use. If you use Vyond Studio to create videos for sale to a third party, there is a rights transfer fee for each video sold. In order to transfer commercial rights, you must have an active Vyond Premium or Professional subscription.

Note that each video that is transferred to a customer requires a $99 rights transfer fee. Your rights only apply to finished videos, and you have no rights to Vyond Studio or the assets therein (i.e., props, characters, music, etc.). For all of the details, please see our Terms of Service.

Please contact us by phone at +1 888 360 9639 or by email at sales@vyond.com for more information or to pay your rights transfer fees.

Bulk rights transfer program

If you sell multiple videos on a monthly basis, we offer a program for volume-based discounted pricing on rights transfer fees. Your videos will be invoiced once per month at a discounted rate.

For details on our bulk rights transfer program please contact partners@vyond.com.