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Rights Transfer Policy

Producing Videos for Third Parties

A Vyond subscription gives you the right to create videos for the benefit of your organization.

If you want to use Vyond to create videos for the benefit of a third party organization, you can do so, but you must first acquire the video transfer rights.  There are many ways to do this.

Ad Hoc

This is the simplest method. Just contact us at each time you want to transfer the rights to a video to a third party.  A $99 per video fee will apply.

Production Partner Program

This is a program designed for freelancers and small production companies. The short program agreement contains a fee schedule, with escalating volume discounts.  The schedule can be written on a per-video or per-minute basis, depending on the nature of your work. Contact us at to learn more.

Vyond for Enterprise

This is the best option for large regional or global companies, such as professional services firms, who will be producing videos for their clients at scale. One pillar of the Vyond for Enterprise solution is an expanded rights package, in which global rights transfers can be rolled into the overall solution on a flat rate basis. Please contact your Account Executive or email us at to learn more.