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Vyond makes it easy to create videos for sales pitches, team training, and more.

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Stand Out and Be Seen With Vyond Videos

Today’s workforce is busy, driven, and distracted, so it’s critical to have creative and interesting ways to show off your product or value proposition. Vyond videos capture attention better than any email and can be personalized for each prospect or account.

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Give Memorable Presentations

Create entertaining and informative introductions, presentations, and demos with Vyond. Show them live, over video conference, or pull them into a landing page specifically tailored to each account. There’s nothing better than a great video to keep prospects engaged throughout the sales cycle. And with Vyond’s dynamic charts, branding options, and diverse, eye-catching assets, your pitches will leave an impact.

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Develop Relationships, Not Contacts

With the technology and automation driving today’s sales organizations, it’s easy to lose the personal relationships so integral to success. Vyond videos give you that personal touch at scale. Use our character creator and lip-sync capabilities to introduce yourself with a stand-out video. Add a piece of that intro into your emails with an animated GIF. According to discover.org, three out of four managers will take action from a cold call or email alone. Vyond videos ensure yours is the one they remember.

Create On-Demand Sales Training

It’s easy to find canned sales training videos that cover the basics, but with Vyond, you can create videos specific to your unique product or service and your own sales process. Import the videos to your corporate learning management system or host them on your intranet. Either way, your team has access where and when they’re ready to learn.

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