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Employee Benefits Overview

Your company’s benefits are of paramount concern to its employees, but typically, those policies are extraordinarily complex and difficult to understand. What’s more; this information is usually being served up when the employee is already suffering from a deluge of information. By adding a video summary to your job posts, onboarding materials, and open enrollment communications, you can serve up an effective primer of what your company offers.

Beyond being more engaging, videos that explain benefits and policies can go a long way in reaching employees who might otherwise be too uncomfortable to ask. By tackling sensitive topics—like mental wellness and parental leave—with on-demand video, you can better ensure the right employees are seeing it at the right time.

Use this employee benefits template video as a starting point for your own benefits explainer.

Video Transcription: Employee Benefits Overview

When you join Vyond, you're getting so much more than a job. Here are some benefits we offer to help you take care of yourself and your loved ones.

We trust you to manage your own time. All time off is covered by a single PTO plan, whether you're sick, vacationing, or something else altogether.

You accrue time off at a generous pace from your first day of employment and have the flexibility to use it however you like.

Vyond employees get several options to choose from when selecting the right health insurance for themselves. Each plan comes with 100% coverage for employees and the ability to add dependents at a partial cost. In addition to choosing your provider. You can choose between an HMO or a PPO plan. Employees are also offered dental and vision insurance options at no extra charge.

Vyond employees can participate in the company's 401(k plan, with a company match after the first year of employment. All Vyond employees are issued stock option grants upon employment too.

When you join Vyond, we'll support you with other benefits like life insurance, commuter benefits, an employee assistance program, and flexible spending accounts. Want to learn more? Contact Jen, our director of HR.

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