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Video Transcription: Podcast & Interview Video

[Ahmed Sidky]

So The Agile Manifesto was a document written in 2001. Basically, software methodology people came together and wanted to articulate the different way of working that they had been doing compared to what the rest of the industry was doing. Really, Agile is a mindset. It's a way of thinking that's defined by four values, described by 12 principles, and then manifested through an unlimited number of practices or different ways of working. And it's simply a deep understanding and culture of learning and experimentation and trying things out.

Any creative work will benefit from this notion of an agile way of working. One of the misconceptions about Agile is sort of why. Why-- why do I want to become Agile, is it just to be more efficient and more effective? And I think for some people, they may say yes, but for me, it's not that. It really is about customer-centricity.

Agility is the best way to serve your customer. The customer today is in a constant state of motion There's a lot changing for customers at all times. And acknowledging and understanding that because I want to be more customer-centric, and that the customer is in a constant state of change, I need to be more flexible, agile in the way I work.

And when I say I, I'm saying marketing people, HR people, finance people, product development, content creators, sales, any discipline, any function that is trying to serve a customer, Agile becomes a necessity, not a nice-to-have. Because you will not be able to truly surprise and delight and fulfill the needs of your customer without having a way of working where we are co-creating and trying things out, and experimenting, and expecting, and adapting, and innovating, and being OK with failure.

It is a different mindset. It is a different set of capabilities. And I think if you just boil it down to doing things differently, that's all you're going to do. You're just going to do a bunch of things differently.

But if you want to be a different person that is ready for the next century of how business is done and creative work and customer-centricity, that requires a journey, a learning journey for yourself. But it's a journey worth pursuing because it will change you, and it will change the way you work, and it will change what you can do for your customer.


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