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Spotting Ageism in the Workplace

Age diversity doesn’t have a very large share of the popular discourse around diversity, equity, and inclusion. When left unchecked, though, ageism can become just as pervasive and damaging to your organization’s culture as any other -ism. Animated videos like this one are a great way to not only reach all learners but to truly engage them with accessible material using dynamic visual content.

Video Transcription: Ageism in the Workplace

[Narrator] It isn't always easy to spot ageism.

Like many other isms, ageism can sabotage, diversity, equity, and inclusion when we aren't looking for it.

So what does ageism look like? Actions like excluding somebody based on presumed technical skill.

[Employee 1]"You can send a slide deck to me. I'm not sure if is all that good at PowerPoint."

[Narrator] Only going to lunch with coworkers from the same age group as you. Or informing a hiring decision by guessing a job candidate's age.

[Employee 2] How old are your kids? So when did you graduate?

[Narrator] All of us have our preconceived notions about age. Like any kind of bias, ageism is best-confronted head-on. So where do we start?

Examine your own feelings towards age and work to unlearn biases. Spend time getting to know people in different age groups.

[Employee 3] "Want to check out the new coffee shop with me?"

[Narrator] Talk about ageism with your colleagues and partner with leadership to combat ageism at work. By spotting and stopping ageism, we can create a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all.

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