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Stress Awareness Month: Reducing Stress at Work

In this template, yoga instructor, Lihi, shares strategies for reducing stress at work. Use this template to provide concrete tactics for employees who may be feeling overwhelmed. To customize this video for your workplace, create your own character based on someone from your team to share the tips.

Video Transcription: How to Reduce Stress at Work

Hey, I'm Lihi Benisty, and I teach yoga and meditation in the Bay Area.

It's Stress Awareness Month and I'm here to show you a few things that can relieve stress throughout your workweek. Did you know that breathing can improve how engaged, productive, and creative you are at work?

We use a very small percentage of our lung capacity. So through mindful study, deep breaths, we can get energized and feel less stressed. Breathe in through your nose for a count of four. Feel your low belly, ribs, and then, chest expand. Pause at the top of the inhale and sip in a little bit more air. And then, exhale completely out the nose. Continue the cycle-- inhaling and exhaling.

Stress can cause dehydration and dehydration can cause stress. It's a vicious cycle that you can break by just drinking water. All of our organs need water to function properly. Staying hydrated can keep your stress levels down.

We store a lot of tension in our bodies, a common reaction to stress is to punch the shoulders up to the ears, around the back, clench the jaw, and grind the teeth. Instead of the go-to slouching at your desk, work on creating space between the shoulders and ears by letting the shoulder blades melt down your back body. Create space in your mouth, by releasing the jaw and softening your tongue. Your tech neck will be cured in no time.

Those are a few basic tips for reducing stress in your workday.

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