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Tips for Celebrating the Holidays Safely

Video Transcription: Tips for Celebrating the Holidays Safely

When it comes to celebrating holidays this year, things are a little different from usual. Consider if it's possible to plan your visit during an off-peak time when there are fewer people traveling. Plan for a smaller gathering than usual. It just may not be possible to bring everyone together this year. Keep an eye on the COVID-19 case numbers for where you're planning to travel to and where you're coming from.

It will bring peace of mind to have every family member tested before gathering, and if you're feeling unwell or the test comes back positive, skip this trip. Travel increases your chances of getting and spreading COVID-19 as bus stations, train stations, airports, and rest stops are all places travelers could be exposed to the virus in the air and on surfaces. So if you can safely drive to your destination, it might be best to do so.

Set ground rules and expectations that anyone unwell stays away, and follow the regular safety guidelines for COVID-19. Under these conditions, it may be better to stay with family than in hotels where other travelers frequent. It's good practice to quarantine at home before you return to the office. Keep a lookout for symptoms and get tested if you are concerned.

Happy holidays and stay safe.

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