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Vyond Studio Features

Don’t be limited by simplistic, cartoony, or template-based video creation tools. With Vyond Studio, you can combine our pre-built library of assets and styles with your own content to create dynamic, true-to-life videos that inform, educate, and fit your brand.

Automatic Lip-Sync

With Vyond Studio, making your characters speak directly to your audience is a snap. Audio can be recorded directly from a computer’s microphone, uploaded as an .MP3 file, or created with text-to-speech, then assigned to a character with the click of a button.  

Limitless Customization

3 styles each with pre-made templates, characters, and pre-animated assets allow you to visualize everything from presenting statistics at a board meeting to hitting a home run. Mix and match styles, start with premade templates, or import your own assets to create videos for any situation.

Hundreds of pre-made templates

Vyond Studio is complete with hundreds of premade templates built for any industry, job role, or scenario. These pre-constructed scenes give you an easy starting point for videos – making your video creation process faster, easier, and more intuitive.

Version History

Make a mistake? Version history allows you to quickly go back and take a look at each saved version of your video. This makes it simple to track changes between team members, or easily create a new video based on an old version.