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Accessibility Update: Guide Dogs and Character Actions

At the beginning of the summer we committed to taking further steps towards equally representing you and your viewing audience in Vyond. As part of that initiative, we’ve released a new set of ability-focused actions.


Accessibility Additions to Vyond Studio

There are 65 additional actions for characters to use a:

  • wheelchair
  • power wheelchair
  • cane (2)
  • crutch
  • prosthetic leg
  • guide dog

These can all be found as character actions in Vyond Studio. Search the terms above in the action panel of Vyond Studio to see what’s available.

Guide Dogs

All of the actions are fairly self-explanatory, but here are a few helpful things to keep in mind for using guide dogs:

  • All animals in Vyond are classified as props. Search “guide” in the props panel to locate guide dogs.
  • Character actions determine how your character interacts with a guide dog.  Search “guide” in the actions panel to best locate the two actions built specifically for standing and walking with a guide dog.
  • Watch how to make a character walk with a guide dog:


Your Feedback

Thank you for continuing to email [email protected] with feedback and requests. All requests are taken into account, and we’re continuing to research ways to represent various abilities with accuracy and dignity in the future. We can not guarantee adding any one request we receive, but it’s important for us to know what’s most important to you. Your feedback is critical to helping Vyond move forward, so please keep sharing.

Open Vyond Studio to use the new actions.


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