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In this post, we share an example of an internal attribution bias training video, show you how we built it from scratch, give you the training video as a project template, and teach you the fastest way to make your own updates in Vyond.

Fundamental Attribution Bias Videos

As part of a growth mindset initiative in 2015, Vyond’s head of design wanted to train his team on attribution bias. Of course, he knows that breaking down complex topics is easier with animated video. So, in 2015, he created this:

Fast forward four years, and and we’re still using the video, but we wanted to make some updates. Here’s the new version in a completely different animation style, branded to Vyond, with a new voice over:

Ordinarily, updating a video years after the initial project would be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, but that wasn’t the case here. We completely revamped this video in two days. 

One of the greatest things about creating animated videos with Vyond is how easy it is to share, update, and repurpose video projects. Internal training can be adjusted for external marketing, a branded video template can be shared with the entire company, a recruiting video can become a holiday sale campaign, and more. We’ve done all of these things at Vyond, but our favorite way to repurpose our videos is to share them with you.

Video Templates

Take the attribution bias videos shared in this post and use them as-is at your company or make adjustments to create something entirely your own. You can also save individual scenes as templates to use later. 

Version 1: Business Friendly
Sign into your Vyond account or free trial and CLICK HERE to open this video as a template project in your account.

Version 2: Contemporary
Sign into your Vyond account or free trial and CLICK HERE to open this video as a template project in your account.

How to Make Updates with Global Editing

To update this video we used the Global Editing feature, which makes it possible to make quick changes across your entire video. Customers with Professional or Enterprise plans now have access to this feature. Other plan levels provide the ability to swap assets individually, but not globally. 

The video below is an example of how we used Global Editing to turn the first version of our video into the second. Watch a preview of the scenes to be updated and pay close attention to the desktop computer:

Creating Videos From Scratch

Updating complete videos, or using one of the thousands of scene templates available in Vyond, is surely the fastest way to make a video, but it isn’t the only way. Here’s what it would look like to create the last three scenes of this video from scratch:

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