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New Feature - Global Editing

Global editing is designed to enhance your productivity in Vyond Studio – allowing you to instantly swap an aspect that appears in multiple scenes of your video. For example, with global editing, you can decide to swap a firefighter for a policeman in one scene, and have that change apply throughout your entire video.

To see global editing in action, take a look at the video below:




The full list of attributes available for global editing are:

  • Swap assets
  • Change actions
  • Change expressions
  • Change colors
  • Add or change effects
  • Add or remove a motion path
  • Adjust position
  • Adjust size
  • Adjust rotation
  • Adjust opacity

Global editing is only available to Vyond Professional plan subscribers. If you don’t already have a Vyond Professional plan, subscribe today for access to global editing, the Contemporary character creator, team functionality, and much more.

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