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Vyond customers have the most enlightening product suggestions. Our global community shares dozens of requests a day for interesting, innovative additions to Vyond Studio.

Our customer support (CS) team not only summarizes and shares all feedback and requests with our product development team, but they actively work to discover unique solutions to the customer obstacles behind each request.

Image of an animated office with several animated characters waving

In this post, we’ll look at several stories that showcase how our customers have challenged our support team to make the most of our available features. We’ll explore how Vyond’s team is structured to meet the evolving needs of our customers, teach you a few Vyond tips, and hopefully inspire you to think creatively inside Vyond Studio.

How Vyond’s CS Team Unleashes Customer Creativity

We’re passionate about helping our customers discover the limitless potential of Vyond.
And we’ve found that effectively solving a dilemma for one customer can help aid many more. Here are a few creative solutions our CS team has helped customers discover:

Talking props and animals

We all wish animals and toasters could talk in real life. While props aren’t yet equipped with lip syncing powers in Vyond Studio, a few members from across the Vyond team have found a way to pull it off.

Recently, a customer reached out seeking a way to make a sun prop “sing.” After some thought and collaboration, Jack and Dustin from our support team came up with an ingenious solution to use our character creator and new masking feature to make it appear as though the sun was singing.

We highlighted these steps in an advanced hacks webinar to show how to make a Panda speak. Watch the steps here:


Sometimes, these kinds of discoveries made for one customer end up enhancing the video creation experience for the entire community. That same technique ended up being used by grocery chain Whole Foods to create a talking calculator for a video series.

Custom locations

Shipyard control room

We have a wide range of templates in Vyond, but some videos require a much more specific location. Recently, one customer was trying to set a scene in a shipyard control room, but couldn’t find anything that was quite right.

An animation of the interior of a shipyard with three men staffing it

Dustin from our support team knew their vision was possible. Starting with an existing scene, he swapped in some new elements to create the desired setting. Dustin began with a basic scene of an office with several laptops and then created the illusion of a ship’s windows with clever masking. Finally, he added water in the background and moving ships to bring the scene to life.

The customer was amazed at the outcome. Dustin went above and Vyond to create a detailed tutorial to help this customer, and others, develop similar scenes on their own.

Ice fishing

Similarly, a customer reached out to Adriana for help creating an ice fishing scene. At first glance, the customer didn’t think we had what he needed, but Adriana was able to offer some creative alternatives:

An ice fishing scene showing the character, templates, and props used in Vyond studio to make it.

Kinetic typography in Vyond

A customer asked about how to make a kinetic text video and a Vyond account executive made a quick template, our video producer improved upon it, and Roshni from the support team took it a step further with her collaborative work on this free kinetic text template video and related resource post.


What Makes Vyond’s Support Team Exceptional

At Vyond, support team members don’t rush to close support tickets—they own them until they’re deemed complete and solved by the customer. We’re able to work closely with customers to solve their problems thanks to these three aspects of our support team:

We’re an in-house solution

Many companies outsource their support to call centers or other third parties. Vyond’s CS team members, however, are full-time employees who work directly with other departments at the company to find creative solutions and develop new product features. Our CS team spends as much time working in Vyond Studio as many of our customers and are well-equipped to solve customer needs.

Easy to contact

At Vyond, there are many ways to get in touch with our CS team: Live chat, phone calls, email, and social media (via our marketing team). We also have accommodating support hours, Monday to Friday from midnight to 5:30 pm Pacific. Our team supports a number of languages, including Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, so we’re able to assist customers from different backgrounds. Our network of international resellers also works with our team to offer native-language support to their customers.

One-on-one enterprise support

Large organizations are looking to create high-quality videos at scale, and team members need to onboard quickly and with consistency. To accommodate, our team offers custom Vyond for Enterprise team plans. As part of this package, our dedicated customer success managers create custom training to help organizations ramp up quickly and get the most out of Vyond. We work closely with companies to build their employees’ video skills and help the company meet its larger video goals.

Working Together to Solve Customers’ Needs

Our CS team is always available to help customers realize their video creation goals. Whether you’re a new user or a veteran video creator, we’re here to work collaboratively with you tell your story with video. If you find yourself struggling to create a particular character, element, or setting, our CS team will use the flexibility of our product to make sure that your finished video realizes your vision for the piece.

More creative solutions from customer support

Character customization: Rear view

Character rear view is another popular request we’re eager to build. In the meantime, our support team has found a creative solution for our customers.


Highlighting text

“I had a customer that wanted to have their text highlighted (similar to a yellow marker). To make this happen, you can take a transparent shape such as this one [that comes up when you search “rectangle”], then adjust the size, aspect ratio, and color to fit over their text. Then you can also apply a “whiteboard animation” entrance effect to make the text appear as if it’s being drawn.” – Chetan

A slide with placeholder text, showing how to highlight text in yellow

Realistic movement: Walk towards screen

”I had a customer ask to have their character walk towards the screen. We have an action for this, but to add the depth of approaching the camera, you can apply a motion path and then increase the size.” – Chetan

A screenshot from Vyond studio showing the motion path needed to make a character walk toward the camera


Adjusting actions: Security card door access

“A customer reached out requesting a “security card door access” action where a character waves/swipes a card at the waist level. It seemed like all of our waving actions were too high, so I recreated her scene, added a padlock for effect, and applied the “pay by credit card” action to the character.” – Jocelyn

Animation of woman entering private building by tapping her security card

Character customization: Blinking

Recently, a customer wanted to increase the speed of a blinking action to show a character more excited than usual. We don’t currently offer the option to adjust blinking speed, but that didn’t stop our team from making it happen.

An animation showing custom blinking speed on a character created in Vyond

Adriana created a custom solution for the customer. First, she added a shape to the character’s eyes. Really anything that covers the eyes will do, although an oval is usually most appropriate. Once the shapes were grouped into one element, Adriana used an “instant” entrance animation, and then repeated the animation several times to create the desired effect.

Adriana’s clever work on the blinking idea was a hit with the customer, so support team member Gabriela created a step-by-step tutorial to help customers ace the trick on their own, making the most of our support team’s collaborative ethos.

Character creator creativity: Beekeeping uniform

“A customer reached out to request a custom beekeeper uniform to make beekeeping videos. I put together this apiary (bee farm) using a “park” background and a Business Friendly file cabinet to act as the bee holding drawers. Then I used the hood accessory in contemporary and clear glasses over the face.” – Jocelyn

A screenshot from Vyond studio featuring a beekeeper character with their hive.

Our support team is taught early on that nothing is “impossible” when it comes to achieving a customer’s vision. As these stories show, our support team embraces that lesson every day by helping customers create the videos they want, even if it seems outside of our current features.

We’ve got your back.

Get creative with Vyond Studio and start making your very own animated videos. As a Vyond customer, you’ll have access to our best-in-class support team dedicated to your success. Premium, Professional, and Enterprise customers also have access to Vyond’s Community to get inspiration, advice, and feedback from their fellow makers. Give Vyond a go with our 14-day free trial.