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Accelerate Your Team

The Vyond Accel program helps large organizations define, deliver, and standardize video-making skills and best practices to get the most out of Vyond. You and your team will develop expert-level capabilities faster, and deliver outstanding videos sooner.


Once we’ve identified needs and goals, we can get your team up to speed on the Vyond platform. Our team gives you the tools to get new users access, guides, and a full understanding of Vyond Studio’s capabilities.

We help you:

  • Understand the admin panel
  • Provide “Getting Started” guides to onboard future users
  • Process user account activation

Train and support

Once your team is on board, Vyond Accel provides four tailored sessions — with any combination of introductory, intermediate, or advanced training — and post-training best-practice sessions, all recorded for future use. We also provide quarterly account reviews to discuss incoming support queries, feedback, and upcoming features for enterprise customers.

We help you:

  • Connect with a named customer success manager
  • Access recorded training sessions
  • Deliver future trainings for new users

Consult and assess

Learning new software is hard, but not with Vyond Studio, and we’ve made it easy to get started. Vyond Accel assesses your needs and goals, so you build the skills most relevant to your objectives first.

We help you:

  • Discover goals, styles, standards, best practices, and brand guidelines
  • Review your team’s video creation skills
  • Categorize types of videos to create and target audiences of any size

Let our team help yours.

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