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Videos for finance can bring boring content to life!

Video taps into visual thinking better than any other medium. As a result, abstract ideas become easy to understand.

All year long, Vyond has been dealing readers into better business communication with a full deck of 52 ideas for animated videos. And, today, we’re highlighting the toughest topics to turn interesting.

Short videos can be a powerful tool for answering complex questions like:

Moreover, video is a great way to take your presentations and reports to the next level. Read on for four fresh examples of videos for finance and operations!

Videos for Finance & Operations

What are stock options?


Stock options are a powerful way to let employees share in the success of a company. Therefore, it makes sense that startups often offer them. These benefits can be confusing for some new hires. So, creating a short video tailored to your company’s offer can go a long way!

This stock options explainer video is available to Vyond customers as an editable template.


What are the three stages of money laundering?


The three stages of money laundering are placement, layering, and integration. Money laundering works by making dirty money untraceable. Then, that money can be re-introduced to the economy. Money laundering relies on moving money through lots of different companies. So, all organizations should train its employees to prevent money laundering.

Anti-money laundering training can be pretty confusing. So, it makes good sense to reach for video in order to engage employees.

This anti-money laundering video is available to Vyond customers as an editable template.


How do I report expenses?


It’s important to get expense reporting right. But, for many employees, expensing remains confusing and unclear. Explainer videos are an opportunity to make these policies easy to understand.

Vyond makes it easy to edit your videos. So, you can ensure employees have up-to-date information.

Take presentations to the next level.


Have you ever suffered from death by PowerPoint? Indeed, static slides will kill even the most interesting presentations. But, a webcam recording isn’t always enough to bring presentations to life.

With Vyond, you can punctuate presentations with playful animation. Further, you can boost understanding of the material by illustrating key ideas in an illuminating way.

For example, watch the video above. Vyond’s marketing communications manager used GIFs to accentuate their presentation on social media video marketing.

Make your own videos for finance and operations.

Move over, marketing and sales! There’s a new cool kid in the office. To sum up, topics related to finance and operations don’t have to be boring. Certainly, they can be dynamic, distinct, and downright delightful. Vyond allows anybody to quickly create content with customizable video templates that represent hundreds of industries. Start making media that moves with a free 14-day trial of Vyond Studio.