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You need video, fast. We get it, and we want to make it as simple as possible. Keyboard shortcuts are the easiest way to ramp up your production speed. With the launch of the Vyond Studio (beta), there are now a plethora of keyboard shortcuts to help you create videos quickly and efficiently.

What are Keyboard Shortcuts?

A keyboard shortcut is a key, or group of keys, that perform a specific function in the Vyond Studio. Each shortcut can save seconds, or potentially minutes, of extra time clicking and dragging. Use keyboard shortcuts to copy, paste, preview, perfectly position assets, and more. 

How to Use the Most Popular Shortcuts

The video and brief script below will help guide you as you explore the most popular Vyond Studio shortcuts. Download the complete list of shortcuts below. 

Download the Shortcut Reference Guide

Here’s how to use the most popular shortcuts (from the video above):

First, copy and paste. Instead of re-creating new elements that you already have, you can  duplicate them instantly. Highlight an asset on the stage or a scene on the timeline and use your keyboard to press ctrl + c on a PC, or command + c on a Mac, to copy a clip or asset. To paste a copy of that asset, press ctrl or command + v. With copy and paste, you can turn a single tree into a forest in seconds.

Want to copy and paste more than one item at a time? Hold down Shift and click to select multiple assets on the stage.

There’s also undo, the shortcut for when you make a mistake and want to reverse the last command you performed. Press ctrl or command + z to undo your last action. To redo, press ctrl or command + shift + z. With these shortcuts, you don’t need to waste time erasing or re-creating content. 

To quickly edit your arrangement of characters, scenery, and props, there’s move forward and move backward, the shortcuts for changing the layering of assets in your scenes. Move your assets to the exact layer where you want them by pressing ctrl or command and the arrow key that matches the direction you want them to go. Press ctrl or command +↑ to move forward or press ctrl or command +↓ to move back. Using the keyboard lets you reach the perfect position instantly instead of spending extra time clicking and dragging. To move an asset all the way to the front or all the way to the back, use ctrl+shift+↑ for bring to front and ctrl+shift+↓ for send to back.

To quickly enter preview mode to review your video, press Ctrl + P. Press ctrl + P again to exit preview. Like what you’ve created so far? Press Ctrl + S to make sure and save your work.

All Vyond Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Take a look at all of the essential keyboard shortcuts in Vyond studio. 

Download this guide

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