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Announcing the Beta Launch of Vyond Studio

Today, we’re excited to announce the beta release of Vyond Studio.

After months of talking with our customers, doing market research, and speaking with video producers, we developed a brand new platform that is powerful, faster, and easier to use. It’s equipped with high-quality features—HTML5, new styles, enhanced security, just to name a few—to create an overall better user experience.

The legacy video maker is still available, so you don’t have to use Vyond Studio immediately, but there are a few reasons why we think it’s worth switching over today.

Why Make the Switch?

To make engaging media, you need time and space to focus on high-level issues—design, messaging—and hone the finest details. There’s no room for low-level roadblocks that halt the creative process.

That’s where Vyond Studio comes in.

Our new platform is designed for fast, easy, and dynamic media creation. Reducing technical issues and adding new creative elements, the updates in Vyond Studio let you seamlessly create powerful, captivating media.

Faster to use

Vyond Studio is much faster than our old platform because it’s entirely HTML5-based.

The legacy video maker was was built using Adobe Flash. While Flash used to be the standard application for running multimedia content, it’s become outdated as other technologies—such as HTML5—have emerged as faster, more secure solutions.

As fewer people use Flash, our switch to HTML5 will make our platform compatible with more users – and ensure a faster, easier to use experience.

New Contemporary Style

The Contemporary style in the Vyond Studio has been updated with a more modern look and new, useful features.

  • Bold, yet elegant design: The Contemporary style features bright, engaging colors and a modern aesthetic while staying simple and suitable for any professional environment.
  • Easy branding: All colors within props and backgrounds are changeable, so you can easily brand your videos.
  • Contemporary Character Creator: Available to Vyond Professional accounts only, this creator lets you control any aspect of characters in the Contemporary style—hairstyles, outfits, footwear. You can even adjust character height, a feature unique to the Contemporary creator.


While the Contemporary Character Creator is exclusive to Vyond Professional, the Contemporary style is available to all subscription tiers. The Business Friendly and Whiteboard character creators remain available to all customers.

Learn more about Vyond Professional here.

Expanded timeline

The Vyond Studio timeline is expandable for seamless editing. With more space, you can see the timing and duration of effects and actions within a scene to make quick changes.


Key benefits of the expandable timeline:

  • Preview audio alongside clips to see how your sound syncs up alongside your visuals.
  • Auto-fit scene duration with the Auto-fit button in Scene Settings. This action automatically adjusts the length of your scene to fit the length of effects.
  • Select multiple clips in the expanded timeline, and you can edit them all at once.

With the new timeline expansion, you can see and edit all of your scene’s elements simultaneously to make sure that each piece fits together.

New charts

Vyond Studio offers seven different chart types, so you can engage audiences through a variety of data visuals like:

  • Line chart
  • Counter chart
  • Repeating props chart
  • Filled prop chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Vertical Stacked Bar Chart
  • Proportional Ring Chart

Seeing these charts, your audience can quickly understand complex information through clear, comprehensible images.


Creating charts in Vyond Studio is simple—just copy and paste from a spreadsheet for quick chart creation. In just minutes, you can simplify complex facts and details into simple, scannable data visuals for your audience.

Enhanced password security

As enthusiastic advocates of consumer and enterprise data privacy, we’ve designed Vyond Studio to ensure that your data remains secure.

Beyond just setting a password, Vyond Studio Team Administrators have the ability to enforce password policy compliance—including requiring regular password changes, disallowing the use of previously used passwords, and requiring complex passwords.

Along with giving users greater privacy control, Vyond is fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. With these standards met, you can rest well knowing that your Vyond Studio data is in good hands.

Beta 101: What You Need to Know

We’re proud to open Vyond Studio to all customers and free trial users. Here’s what you can expect to see, depending on when you created your account:

  • Customers who signed up before May 6th: The legacy video maker will continue to be the default program on your account, but you can switch your default to Vyond Studio in your Account Settings panel.
  • Customers who signed up after May 6th: Vyond Studio will be the default player on your account. You can switch your default back to the legacy video maker through your Account Settings panel, but we recommend opting for greater features and speed with Vyond Studio.

Entering beta signifies a new phase in the stability and functionality of Vyond Studio. During the beta phase, our focus will be on enhancing the overall user experience and actively soliciting feedback to better meet your needs. Please use the feedback button inside the video maker to let us know what you like, what you don’t, and what you’d like to see in the future.

Looking for more info?

For more information about our new platform, visit the Vyond Studio Resource Center. Can’t find your question there? Reach out to a Vyond rep through this link, and one of our team members will get back to you shortly with a solution.