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Remote Team Communication: Creative Ways to Stay Connected

Help inspire a culture of remote team communication and develop an engaged workforce in the absence of a communal workspace. Here are a few creative ways for remote teams to stay connected while working remotely.

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Video Transcript: Remote Team Communication

It's easy to strike up a casual conversation at the office, and it's in moments like this where employees build personal connections. But when these moments aren't possible, teams have to leverage technology in creative ways to inspire a culture of connection and develop an engaged workforce.

How can co-workers stay connected while working remotely?

When it makes sense, use video rather than email, messaging apps, or phone calls to have more engaging conversations. It's much easier to connect when you can see someone's face.

Consider beginning with an icebreaker to get the ball rolling. Such questions can lead to real conversations, building trust and empathy, and strengthening relationships between colleagues.

Schedule optional virtual morning coffee breaks, lunch sessions, or happy hours so co-workers have space to chit-chat about issues unrelated to work. 

A weekly or monthly wellness session offers a nice, healthy way for people to connect.

Messaging apps are excellent for virtual community building. Create separate channels, so non-work topics don't clash with the more official channels.

Start a water cooler channel for co-workers to post casual questions or comments at any time. Try asking a question of the day. It's fun to see people's responses, and these often inspire spinoff conversations.

A shout-out channel allows employees to call out colleagues' accomplishments. Community recognition is important. Create a space for birthdays, family celebrations, and personal milestones, and encourage employees to share photos of their celebrations. An end-of-the-day, company-wide trivia game can be a great way to cultivate friendly competition. 

Not everyone has to participate in each activity every time, but employees will appreciate having these options available to them. Even when colleagues are miles apart, you can still foster a culture of connection.


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