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Become a storytelling superhero in our on-demand Masterclass    WATCH NOW

SDR Introduction for Sales Enablement

With video, salespeople can cultivate a personal connection with their prospects, even before the first call. In this example, “Brad”—a sales development representative for the fictional company, Zodio—uses video to introduce himself in an authentic and personable way. By introducing ourselves with a more human touch, we can build trust in leads.

Pull this video into any existing Vyond account to get a head start on your own sales introduction video. (Brad isn’t real, so you can totally copy his work without him knowing.)

Video Transcription: Sales Introduction Video Template for SDR Sales Enablement

Hi, I am Brad Jackson, and this is Zodio. Employee engagement has a huge impact on your organization's success. Engaged and connected employees help nurture a collaborative work culture, which results in innovative outcomes.

At Zodio, we believe employee engagement can be fun, which is why we baked fun right into our internal communications platform. Zodio is a unique employee engagement tool that personalizes each employee's experience based on their zodiac sign.

In addition to all the features you expect of a robust employee engagement system, Zodio offers the fun sense of self that comes from astrology. You can participate in weekly mindfulness activities based on your zodiac sign. Create engaging surveys, organize virtual events and games, and more. Zodio also provides an engagement tracking feature that analyzes how employees are connecting and engaging over time.

Want to learn more? Schedule a personalized demo with me to see how your company and Zodio are a match made in the stars.


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