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Sales enablement is the continuous, cross-functional effort to equip a sales organization with the content, resources, and support it needs to make more sales.

In large enterprises, sales enablement may be a formalized practice with staff dedicated to the cause. For small or medium businesses, however, sales enablement might be a more casual effort to keep feeding the ever-hungry sales machine.


Video is one of the best ways to substantially—and sustainably—support your sales team for a number of reasons:

1. Video is more engaging.
More than half of all viewers will watch a video to the end. (How many people are reading your white papers?)

2. Video makes complex ideas easy to understand.
Animation makes the most of visual thinking to communicate abstract concepts with clarity.

3. Video is easily personalized.
Sales videos can make meaningful connections when tailored to the unique needs of each lead.


With animated sales video production, you can bring the power of video into your sales organization without the costs of traditional live-action video. Get inspired by these four ideas for using video as a sales enablement tool:


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Animated Sales Video Production Ideas

1. Sales Introduction Videos


With video, salespeople can cultivate a personal connection with their prospects, even before the first call. In this example, “Brad”—a sales development representative for the fictional company, Zodio—uses video to introduce himself in an authentic and personable way. By introducing ourselves with a more human touch, we can build trust in leads.

Pull this video into any existing Vyond account to get a head start on your own intro video. (Brad isn’t real, so you can totally copy his work without him knowing.)


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2. Account Expansion & Upselling


Video is a fun and dynamic medium for convincing your most loyal customers to expand their account. When equipped with template videos like the one above, members of your sales team can upsell their clients in a compelling and engaging way. This video is a great example of how to delight customers using animation. (Keep an eye out, too, for its use of live-action webcam footage!)

You can load this sales pitch video into any existing Vyond account to use it as a customizable template.



3. Video to Replace PowerPoint Presentations


When it comes time to seal the deal, most sales teams are still using static PDF versions of PowerPoint presentations designed for the big screen. Cut through the noise and engage prospects by sharing important information in a more dynamic way. Above, we can see just how easily a presentation template can be adapted for video and then tailored to the client with something as simple as a new voiceover track.

If you already have a Vyond account, you can use this sales video presentation to create templates for your own sales team.



4. Create Training Videos for Sales Enablement


Sales enablement is as much about training as it is about content development. With bite-sized microlearning videos, you can train your sales team on CRM systems, product knowledge, and essential skills like phone etiquette. Training videos like the one above are great for tackling single topics, building the groundwork for a comprehensive sales training program over time. This video also shows how animation allows for custom characters that better reflect your team.

Ready to give it a go? The video above is one of several templates that Vyond users can adapt into their very own training videos.




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