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How Vyond Uses Video to Improve Candidate and New Hire Experience

How Vyond Uses Video for Hiring and Onboarding and Why It Motivated Me to Interview for Them

Hello! My name is Fabricio Perez and I am a digital marketer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Recently, I had the privilege of joining Vyond’s hybrid team as their new Marketing Communications Specialist. Throughout my hiring and onboarding, video played a huge part in finding my way at Vyond.

With an unprecedented global pandemic that challenges many aspects of our lives, all of us have come up with clever solutions to some of the most disrupting changes to how we interact with others. Video conferences, instant messaging, and calls have kept us together as we face uncertainty and change.

During these trying times, socializing, being close to strangers, and coexisting in a working space are practices that can compromise public health. So we rely on technology to connect us and preserve the collaboration that cultivates productivity and innovation in the workplace.

Nonetheless, not only has communication changed. As workers redefine the notions of work and continue to ponder about career options, it is no surprise that one of the procedures to observe a significant shift was the hiring process.

The Shortcomings of Traditional Interviews

I am no stranger to the traditional hiring practices of the past. Over the last 4 months, I had my fair share of struggles: computer issues, internet connection problems, and some instances of “your microphone is muted”. I, for one, welcome video interviews if that means I can avoid long commutes and having difficulties finding a parking spot. But even with the comfort and flexibility of interviewing from home and the ability to send an email and get a response, I could not avoid the headache caused by a confusing candidate experience. 

After several tedious video interviews, unclear expectations, and a lack of effective communication, I began to lose motivation. Quickly, the process became monotonous as I saw myself missing the fun aspects of human communication like nonverbal cues and expressions of emotion. Burnout was imminent, and I am certain that it is just as exhausting for HR professionals trying to find the right talent.

I can imagine how time-consuming it is to filter through dozens of messages and have to juggle with applicants and hiring managers’ calendars. Not to mention the tough act of communicating bad news to candidates.

Use Video to Attract Top Talent

While continuing my search for an opportunity in the field of digital marketing, I stumbled upon a company with a versatile product: Vyond. Their belief in concise and enjoyable communication through animated videos caught my curiosity. Their mission to make video animation production accessible and more affordable while simplifying the creation of content compelled me to apply.

Quickly and effectively communicate your brand identity and mission through video. Entice the candidate with a short video explaining the company, what they do, and why working for them can be fun.

Vyond customers can use this video as a template to create their own benefits explainer video.


Use Video to Enhance Candidate Experience

To my surprise, Vyond provided a short video explaining some of the topics covered during the introductory phone call with the hiring manager. The quick and friendly video also described the next steps in the interviewing and hiring processes.

The step-by-step video was encouraging, easy to follow through, and effective at stating what happens next. Not to mention that the visuals, tone, and language used, were quite enticing.


Making onboarding straightforward

As my journey with Vyond began, I prepared myself to endure the customary onboarding procedures that usually involve a lot of paperwork and boring training. In pre-COVID times, the onboarding process was a hands-on experience that involved constant interaction with Human Resources professionals and colleagues. To the average employee, training can be time-consuming and tedious.

Use Video to Train New Hires

Vyond’s creative and efficient approach to onboarding includes short and animated videos that make the process less of a hassle. I was given a series of videos on complex topics, like cybersecurity, and was able to comprehend a novel concept without feeling brain fatigue or a significant loss of interest.


Use Video to Introduce Your Team

Create a better sense of belonging by introducing your team to a new hire with a short video. Having a resource that conveys the company structure, the different teams that work in tandem with each other, and the leading members of each department is very useful.

The following video is not only informative since it helps with organizational way-finding, but welcoming. As each department representative explains how the team operates, they inspire a sense of trust and openness with the new hire.


Create your own introduction video with Vyond’s customizable template video!


Use Video to Communicate Hybrid Office Policies

Need to effectively communicate new COVID-19 protocols to new employees? Videos can help. Short and enticing videos explaining COVID-19 safety protocols within the office and the proper ways of navigating a hybrid/work-from-home environment will save you and the new hire a lot of time.

Vyond customers can customize this return-to-office (RTO) video to create their own COVID-19 safety videos.


Create Videos for Hybrid Onboarding

I believe that animated videos have become one of the most dynamic methods of storytelling and learning, but I am uncertain if their full potential in business communications is yet to be seen.

Short videos with the capability of being created and distributed with ease are a game-changer for relaying important information. Give this approach a try! Short and animated videos are impressive at effectively conveying organizational expectations and results without compromising learning or attention. I am confident that this form of innovative and creative problem-solving will surprise your new and current employees.