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Coronavirus: Returning to Work

Video Transcription: COVID-19 | Returning to Work

As we've been spending the last who knows how many days working from home. Many of us have been wondering "when will we return to the office?" And when we do, what will that look like? While we don't have a date set for our return to the office, we have developed a set of guidelines following the California state COVID-19 industry guidance for office workspaces.

We're going to do everything in our power to create a safe and secure workplace for us all. This means the post-COVID-19 office you come to will be a very different place from the one you remember. But that will be for the best. What will our office look like?

Well, first of all, it might be quite empty. Although the office may technically be open, if it isn't essential for you to come in, we still encourage you to telework. For those of us returning to the workplace, here are some of the key steps the company is taking to ensure your safety.

We are redesigning the workspace to allow for a minimum of six feet of spacing between people. This means, for example, that a typical meeting room will only hold 50% of its normal capacity. We're also planning alternating work shifts to minimize the density of employees in the office at any given time.

Finally, we've arranged to increase the frequency of our cleanings and created guidelines for the sanitation of high-touch surfaces. We'll also be asking you to do some things; take daily temperature and symptom screenings upon arrival at the office, wear proper face covering, avoid handshakes, regularly disinfect your own work areas with provided supplies, take regular safety trainings.

If you are feeling at all unwell, notify your manager and do not come into the office. For a more detailed list of anticipated changes, please visit our worksite plan. Together we can build a safe workplace for everyone.

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