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Introducing Your Team

Video is a useful tool you can integrate into your onboarding procedures. Whether it’s to introduce the whole team, or help other departments get familiar with one another, this video template makes it easy to swap in your own co-workers and introductions.

Video Transcription: Introducing Your Team | About Us Video Template

We're Creative Ink, a boutique communications agency that thinks big. This is our quick intro video to help you get familiar with our team.

Sam is our director and account manager. She is responsible for dazzling clients and then bringing the brief to the rest of the team.

Andre is our talented stylist and photographer and has an incredible eye for detail.

Billy is the resident writer, who crafts sublime sentences and checks for errant apostrophes.

When the images and coffee are all prepared it goes to Allison, our graphic designer, who packages it all neatly.

And ensuring the project gets seen we have Anita, our marketing manager. She's a social media guru.

The team wouldn't be complete or paid on time without Sandeep in accounting. As a team, you'll find us at Friday Happy Hour sharing pizza and beer. It's one of our long-standing traditions that we've even taken virtual.

Well, that's us. Welcome to the team. We are Creative Ink. We all look forward to working with you.


Tips for using this template

  • In the opening segment introduce your team with a short description of what the department or company does
  • The video explains what a team member does in their individual role as well as giving an overall snapshot of the team’s workflow for greater context
  • Consider adding some fun facts about the team

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