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2020 was, at least, a great year to be a Vyond customer. This year you had access to fresh content, helpful Vyond Studio updates, useful video templates, free educational webinars, and more. Read on for a recap of anything you may have missed.

Vyond Studio Updates

This year we released features and enhancements like list view with bulk actions, new shortcuts, and in-between body types. We also improved loading speeds and added over 1600 new animated props, characters, outfits, actions, and backgrounds. Watch the recap below and view all the Vyond product updates here.

The new and improved curved motion path feature is also very exciting. We know how important this capability is to our long-time customers and hope it will help you create even more creative and professional videos next year. 

We’re already working on the content, enhancements, and features that will make Vyond an even better tool for professional animated video in 2021. Premium, Professional, and Enterprise-level customers can join the Vyond Community to connect with our team and participate in product development. 



Customer Community Video Inspiration

At Vyond, we see great customer videos every day. In 2020 we profiled customers like Vodafone, Wrike, Rued Riis, PDT Global, and Providence St. Joseph’s Health to learn more about their video creation process.

Here are a few additional public-facing customer videos we especially loved in 2020.

Brandman University

This video introduces students and faculty to Brandman’s Center for Instructional Innovation.  The way they layered live action with animation, sound effects, and conversational cuts keeps the video engaging.


ADP Pride

ADP Pride has been creating animated videos for a few years. Their YouTube playlist has scenario-based explainers around allyship, pronouns, inclusivity, and more. Here’s one of the videos they released this year.


When we made our History of Skateboarding video template we hoped customers would be able to find creative ways to use elements in their own videos. We did not expect for OverTymeSimms (Manny)  to have such a perfect use for our niche template. Manny created a fun music video for his song, Skateboard and we were thrilled to see his version. 


Microsoft’s gaming team has a video series to explain how game developers can improve the accessibility in their gameplay experiences. Watch videos about enabling Deaf gamers, audio customization, narrated Xbox menus, and more on the MSFTEnable YouTube channel.

Health Communication

Shoutout to everyone who turned to Vyond to make their difficult 2020 communications a little brighter. Many Vyond customers created incredible health education videos to share with their companies and communities. This Coronavirus explainer for children by Mosaicoelearning is pretty cute—even if you don’t speak Italian. 

Here are a few more public-facing COVID-19 education videos from Vyond customers:

We also upgraded the Vyond customer community in 2020. Premium, Professional, and Enterprise customers can join to view and share more video inspiration.

New Video Templates

At the start of 2020, we planned to create and share one template per month, but when March came we decided to make template videos a primary focus. In total, we created more than 80 complete video templates in 2020.

These templates share important health and benefits information, address the new work from home reality, educate on important DEI initiatives, teach new Vyond skills, and fulfill specific workplace needs. Template videos are free to customers and accessible to free trial users. Templates can be modified slightly or used as a launching point for something new entirely. Even if a 2020 template isn’t entirely relevant in 2021, you might find that a custom scene or series of scenes will be a fit for your next video project.

Learn about updating template videos in this webinar. Prakriti’s tutorial series below also shares quick strategies for using template videos.


Vyond Tips & Tutorials

Discovering Vyond with Prakriti

Do you know how to create a looping GIF, make the best of Global Edit, or speed up video creation with Quick Access? Many of Prakriti’s tips will resonate with beginners, but it’s likely that even experienced Vyond customers can learn a new feature or shortcut from these one-minute videos. 


Advanced Vyond Templates

The Vyond product development team releases regular inspiration templates at product.vyond.com to help give customers a head start on some advanced features and custom scenes. Staggering Effects [Enjoy Every Journey] is one of the most popular inspiration templates. Access the video below to see how it was built and use these scenes in your own videos.

Many of these advanced templates can also be located on the template videos page by searching “Vyond.”

Video Branding 

At the start of 2020, we created a series of short tutorials about how to brand Vyond videos. Watch them below and learn more about creating video style guidelines here.


Vyond Webinars & Events 

Our team held dozens of community office hours, webinars, and educational events in 2020—we’re grateful so many of you joined us. 

In 2020 we talked about how to build a video from scratch, covered how to update Vyond video templates, discovered the marvelous magic of masking, and more. View all our webinar recordings here

We were excited about the prospect of meeting you in person to chat about storytelling with expert Rance Greene, but we ended up holding an 8-week virtual storytelling training course instead. We had to limit attendees in the first round and we’re excited to share the 2021 series (April 7 – May 26, 2021) with a larger audience. Registration info coming soon.

Food Stories

Given the challenging year (and challenging template video content) it was fun to end 2020 with a focus on food. Members of our marketing team, along with distanced family and friends, created these videos to tell the stories of foods that bring our families close together during the holiday season. 

Watch the videos below and then visit this post to learn more about how they were created.


Thank you all for being a bright spot in our year. We’re excited to see what you create in 2021.

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