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This year, we’re dealing you in to better business communication with a full deck of ways to use Vyond Studio. Today, we’re sharing four of our favorite ideas for creating compelling customer support videos:

As one of the most engaging mediums around, video enables you to forge meaningful connections with customers. Video also helps award-winning support teams create quality, on-demand content at scale. Key video metrics can tell you what content is most valued, which parts of each video are most helpful, and more.

Read on to find customer support video ideas for inspiration!


4 Ideas for Customer Support Videos

Self-Serve Help Center Videos



By bringing engaging, on-demand content into your help center, you can empower customers to solve their problems without creating a new ticket. This video from the Vyond Help Center offers bite-size customer education that is engaging, memorable, and rewarding to watch. By communicating with visuals and voice, too, you can communicate complex ideas in an easy-to-understand format.

Agent Introductions


Having a direct connection to the company can go a long way to build customer loyalty, giving you an opportunity to help the customer be as successful as possible while using your product. You can use video to nurture these kinds of relationships in a personal and approachable manner, putting a face to the name of your agents while deepening the customer’s connection to your company. Just look at the example above from a member of Vyond’s customer success team!

Annotated Screen Recordings


Translate complex processes into clear step-by-step videos using annotated screen recordings! By sharing a screen recording with your customers, you can easily show them how to navigate any interface as if you were standing over their shoulder. By adding animated annotations in Vyond Studio, you can highlight important elements and illustrate abstract ideas right on top of the recording.

The video above is a great example of how to embellish a screen recording effectively, and Vyond customers can use it as a customizable template to create their own annotated screen recordings.



Personalized Follow-Up

An animated GIF where a customer support agent invites the user to reach out if they need more help.

Did you know that videos you create in Vyond Studio can also be exported as GIFs? By putting content into an image format, you can easily share it via email, social media and beyond, taking customer education to a whole new level. You can also create a GIF like the one above for personalized follow-up, instilling a more human experience in automated processes like closing unresolved tickets.

Create your own customer support videos.

Once you add video to your customer support toolbox, a whole world of possibilities will unfold. From creating proactive content to training your agents, video can help you communicate more effectively while creating a consistent and delightful customer experience. Our online animation studio makes it easy for anybody to make media that moves. Give it a try for free!