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We're finalists in Customer Contact Week's Excellence Awards!

We’re excited to announce that Vyond’s customer support team is being recognized as a “Best in Class Contact Center” finalist for the 2019 CCW Excellence Awards! The Customer Contact Week Excellence Awards honor, recognize, and promote individuals and teams who have made a commitment to driving superior contact center and customer experience performance.  

Learn more about our customer support team and why we’ve been selected:

Team culture

Vyond’s customer support team is built on a culture of comradery and accountability. This begins with our onboarding process. Each new team member uses the Vyond platform to create a video about their life, their interests, and their history. This process introduces them to the team while giving them their first step on the road to becoming a product expert. The immediate focus on the people of our team provides a way for team members to get to know each other and find common ground among our diverse interests and backgrounds, building strong relationships from day one.

Because of our strong interpersonal connections and a shared focus on doing everything within our power to help the customer, team members step up and work together to make up for each other’s shortcomings in a way that would otherwise be impossible. This results in a culture as focused on helping our coworkers as it is on helping our customers. Our team is a tight-knit crew that builds ongoing personal relationships with our customers and we frequently recognize them by voice when we pick up the phone, celebrate milestones of professional success with each other, and even get updates on family members as they grow up. We’re proud to have the opportunity to serve our customers and assist in bringing new ideas and creations to life in Vyond Studio together.

Delivering omnichannel service on a global scale

Our team responds to inquiries through email, phone, and live chat, as well as through various social media channels.

When we’re not directly working with customers, the team spends hundreds of collective hours building resources in the Vyond Help Center, a library for customers to seek out and find detailed, step-by-step information and how-to videos, without the need for direct contact with us.

Inquiry-based problem solving

Nothing feels worse than getting a robotic, canned response when you’re looking for help building a video. Because our platform is in a creative space, not all customer concerns have questions with simple, step-by-step solutions. This requires more of a medical approach, attempting to seek out the actual problem the customer wants to be addressed, rather than simply “treating the symptoms.” This relies on empathy and people skills in addition to product mastery – a big skill to master, but one on which our team strives to improve upon every day.

Career growth opportunities

Vyond has built a passionate, committed workforce, and the customer support team is no exception. While the goals of the organization are paramount, Vyond maintains high employee retention and satisfaction with an individualized approach that takes into account the strengths, career goals, and interests of each team member.

The leader of the customer support team works with contributors to find the correct career track for them and primarily focuses on technical skills and leadership. Each contributor starts with a base knowledge of our product, company, and processes by completing our homegrown on-boarding courses. After working with customers and solidifying their skills, contributors have the opportunity to specialize in different areas such as product demos, knowledge base management, operations improvement, leadership and mentorship, and many others. Ultimately, our team members are as much invested in their success and career growth as their managers, and their extensive knowledge can lead to advancement within our team and across other departments.

Always improving

Our team operates under the philosophy of 1% improvement. Every day, we strive to be 1% better than we were the day before. Whether it’s through self-improvement, improved customer experience, or increased attention and performance at work, if every team member is always striving to become a little bit better than they were the day before, the incremental improvement will compound over time. This is something that both management and the team takes to heart – always striving to outdo the last day, the last quarter, the last year – and always getting just a little bit better.

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