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eLearning video courses are a powerful way to train employees and educate learners all over the world. By simply clicking play, people get certified in various skills and grow their knowledge base on virtually any topic. There’s only one problem: without the right tools, creating these videos can be time-intensive and expensive. 

This is where eLearning video templates come in. 

With a template, you can take control and design your own eLearning video without the time it takes to start from scratch. eLearning templates include a baseline video with interchangeable characters, props, text, and more. This makes it easy for you to quickly build and customize an eLearning video within hours, or even minutes.

Here at Vyond, we offer our customers a set of pre-designed eLearning video templates so they can create credible courses in no time. To help you get started, we’re sharing 20 of our favorite free templates, along with tips on how to make the most out of these resources.


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Why Use an eLearning Template?

Creating eLearning and training videos can be time-consuming if you’re outsourcing the work. Given the coordination needed between so many players—animators, editors, you name it—something as simple as a minute-long video can take months to create. That’s time that can’t be spent on researching new knowledge gaps and building more educational content.

eLearning video courses can also be costly to create, sometimes as much as $37,000 to make a single one-hour course. Training material development is a multi-step process.

A high-quality eLearning video template cuts down both the time and the cost required to create a course. Instead of relying on an entire team of designers, you can create a video on your own with drag-and-drop technology. With fewer people to coordinate with, the time and the price of making your video drops significantly.


20 eLearning Templates to Jump-Start Course Creation

With Vyond, you don’t need any design experience to start creating a video. And to make video creation even easier, we offer our customers a set of free video templates to use or modify. Simply pick a template that looks like a good fit for your goal, open it in Vyond Studio, and start customizing. Free trial users can access and modify templates and Vyond customers may download their edits and use videos for free. Take a look at our guide to using Vyond video templates for full details.

The following templates are great jumping-off points for a wide variety of eLearning topics. Each template can be easily tweaked to fit your audience, match your brand, and deliver your lesson.


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Explain Complex Topics

Use this set of videos to break down difficult, complex concepts into understandable chunks.

1. Conflict Resolution: Attribution Bias

If you work in an office, you know that there are always opportunities for conflicts to arise. This template provides the perfect format for teaching employees how to understand and address their own biases in order to resolve issues. This template specifically focuses on the issue of attribution biases, but you can replace the text, images, and narration to address another topic.

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2. 7 Tips for Airline Travel

Forward motion is key in this video, as the character travels through various scenes. On-screen text is placed on top of the animation as it’s happening, giving the video an energetic feel. Use this template to share travel tips with your team or swap out the characters, text, and even the backgrounds to provide tips on an entirely different topic.

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3. Proper Bedside Manner

Use this template to teach health care professionals strategies for building positive relationships with their patients. Highlight “dos and don’ts” by adding your own text next to the video’s large red X and green checkmark symbols. The video doesn’t include a voiceover recording, so it’s especially easy to update to an entirely new topic.

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4. History of Skateboarding

It may be unlikely that you’re looking to tell this exact story in your training, but this template video illustrates how to get creative with character creation, motion, transitions, and effects in Vyond. Replace scenes and props in this video to explain the history of a topic or pull out individual scenes to use skateboarding elements in your training videos.

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Customer Support Training

Customize these templates to teach communication skills—phone etiquette, empathy, positivity, timeliness—to support team members. 

5. Tips for Successful Support Calls

Teach your team how to successfully run support calls with this template about customer communication. Substitute your company’s favorite support call tips for the recommendations we include with this template. You can also replace the voiceover recording and speech bubbles to show the script you’d like your support reps to follow.

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6. Customer Support Training: The P.E.T.E Framework

Use this template to help employees manage sales and support calls more effectively. This video focuses on one particular framework—the P.E.T.E. model—but you can change the voiceover and individual points to model best practices for your own support team.

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To dive even deeper into this video, watch our team build it from scratch.

7. Phone Training: Insurance Claims Scenario

Teach your support team best practices for interacting with customers with this scenario template. It uses the example of a customer who is frustrated about their insurance, but you can easily replace the narration to make the story about your own product.

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Policy and Compliance

Not sure how to explain your policies? Video, especially animated video, is an ideal medium for teaching the guidelines. You can break down the complicated details of these policies visually, making them easier to understand. 

8. Parental Leave

Use this template to inform employees about your company’s parental leave policies and your state’s parental leave laws. The video is currently about California’s policies, but you can replace the state image and supporting text to fit your own locale.

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9. Information Security Awareness

This template is useful for teaching employees why information security is important and to share best practices for avoiding data breaches. You can easily replace the voiceover recording and/or the text to add information about your company’s security policies.

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10. Retaliation Scenario

This instructional video shows a hypothetical workplace scenario in which one employee reports another’s unsafe practices to management. Even though the employee who reported the safety issue had everyone’s best interests in mind, he is teased, shunned, and retaliated against by others. The video is designed to help you create your own branched story about what retaliation is and how to handle it.

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11. Sick Leave Policy

Explain your company’s sick leave policy to employees with this video template. Update the video by creating a new voiceover recording for explaining the unique details of your company’s policy.

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How-To Videos

Show steps in a process or break down a larger topic with these how-to video templates.

12. Overcome Your Creative Block

This template is a great jumping-off point for any topic, with split-screen scenes that allow you to quickly explain a process. The scenes can be swapped, making this template especially great for any simple explanation.

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13. Going Green

Educate your audience on the perks of going green with this video. The first half of the video has quick facts about pollution and waste, while the second half contains tips that can be swapped out with ones that fit your workplace.

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14. How to Play Dreidel

While you’re unlikely to be training on this exact topic, you can easily update the scenes and swap out the dreidel assets for something else entirely. This video starts out by explaining the game of dreidel and moves into the steps. You can try doing the same in your eLearning videos. 

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Sales Training

Without proper training, your sales team can’t cohesively and accurately represent your business. Teach employees how to effectively deliver pitches about your company, communicate over the phone, and sell solutions instead of features. 

15. Perfecting the Pitch Scenario

Teach employees how to effectively deliver pitches about your company. Update this template video with a new voiceover recording so the main character is talking about your company instead of about Vyond. You can also edit the character details to depict one of your own employees, so the video feels a bit more personal for your team.

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16. Phone Skills for Successful Sales Calls 

Educate your sales team on best practices for interacting with prospects over the phone. The template includes an overview of best practices, which you can easily update or change to fit your training goals.

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17. Solution Selling

Having a great product with the best features isn’t always what it takes to earn a sale. By listening to customer problems and providing a solution, your sales team is more likely to close the deal. Help your team understand “solution selling” with this template video.

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Mental Health and Stress Reduction

In today’s hectic world, there is a major need to educate on mental health. This set of templates includes useful tips for alleviating stress. 

18. Reducing Stress at Work

In this template, yoga instructor, Lihi Benisty, shares strategies for reducing stress at work. Use this template to provide concrete tactics for employees who may be feeling overwhelmed. To customize this video for your workplace, create your own character based on someone from your team to share the tips.

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19 Mental Health: 4 Tips to De-Stress

Help employees manage the ongoing pressures of work. Keep just the four tips that are already provided in this template, add tactics that are especially relevant for your workplace, or swap out these assets to tell an entirely different story.

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20. Anti-Stress Activities 

Use this template to educate employees about managing stress in their professional and personal lives. April is a great time to share the video with employees since it’s Stress Awareness Month, but it will be equally useful for your team at any point in the year.

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This is only a small sampling of the many templates available from Vyond. No matter your industry or audience, there’s a template that can be tweaked to fit your needs in our template library.

How Vyond Supports eLearning

Vyond’s eLearning video templates make it easy to create your own custom eLearning course in no time. But besides offering templates, there are a number of reasons why Vyond Studio is ideal for creating eLearning video courses:

  • True to life character and object movement. Thousands of pre-animated objects, expressions, and character actions work with an easy-to-use motion path tool to make your characters and objects move and act naturally.
  • Realistic and automatic lip-sync. Give your video course an immersive feel. Watch Record audio with your computer microphone, upload an .mp3, or use text-to-speech to make your characters come to life.
  • Branding & customization. Make assets and objects match your brand. Upload your own images, assets, and company logos too.
  • Team collaboration. Share custom characters, uploaded assets and templates throughout your team. Share videos to your entire team,individual team members, or give view-only access to people not on your team. Videos can be password protected.
  • Dedicated customer support team. Available via phone, email, or live-chat 18 hours a day. Our help center has articles to quickly answer common questions.
  • Enterprise level security. Administrator-controlled password compliance, SSO, and GDPR/ISO 27001 compliance. Learn more.

Create High-Quality Courses Efficiently with Vyond Templates

Creating your own eLearning video can be costly and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. By using templates, you’re able to create a large volume of eLearning videos without compromising your schedule or budget. 

There are a number of eLearning templates available online, but not all of them will support the level of customization required to make them feel unique. When it comes to eLearning, your message has to land with your audience. Customizing your eLearning to fit your audience will go a long way toward making this happen.

Start creating a video course with the templates we shared in this post, and check out our template library for even more options. Then make sure to take a look at our guide to using Vyond video templates for full details.

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