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Vyond Spring 2024 Release: Unlimited Video Styles, Total Brand Control

With our Spring 2024 release, we’re excited to bring you better AI tools that help you improve business outcomes, drive efficiency, streamline workflows, and create more meaningful, relevant content for your audiences. Plus, an entire Brand Management Suite gives you more control over your brand and helps ensure brand continuity across teams. 

You can watch the following brand management and AI features in action in our Spring 2024 Release Webinar.

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Protect Your Brand With Vyond’s Brand Management Suite

Plan type: Enterprise and Agency

Your brand is critical to your business: ensure that it shows up cohesively across your video content with our suite of brand management features. Quickly and easily share brand assets, create watermarks, and even require approvals to distribute content — with Vyond, brand management is built in. 

Brand Kit

Help creators represent your company consistently across videos by uploading your company logo, fonts, and other assets into a single brand kit that all of your company’s users can access. 

Company Watermark

Turn your logo or other branded image into a persistent visual element within your videos. Account owners can create watermarks for easy access to users across teams.

Approval Management

Prevent brand erosion from improperly branded videos with our new Approval Management feature. Account owners can add an additional layer of brand protection by restricting video download and distribution to approved videos only. 

Color Shuffler (coming soon!)

Achieve color coordination at the push of a button! Color Shuffler adds instant brand personalization by applying up to five brand colors to any of our video templates — even shuffling them to achieve the exact look you want. 

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Vyond Go Gets More Powerful And Easier To Use

Availability: All plans

Manual is so last year. Enter a Vyond Go prompt in any of 70+ languages and this latest evolution of our AI-powered video maker will generate visuals for your videos inherently and dynamically — you might say, automagically. (Multilingual translation available to Professional plans and above.)

Even More Character Styles

Vyond Go’s template library continues to grow, with fresh options for diverse character styles, non-animated charts and infographics, narration, and Shutterstock templates. 

Auto-Adjust Scene Duration

Don’t give changes a second thought. Now, scene length is automatically adjusted to fit any edits you make to a character’s TTS, thanks to our AI-powered Auto-Adjust Scene Duration feature. Getting your video script *exactly* how you want just became even easier!  

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Simplified Character Creation And Editing

Plan type: All plans

Quickly and easily create more diverse characters directly within Vyond Studio! Now you can update the color and tone of characters’ skin and clothing without having to create them first in Character Creator! Currently available for Business Friendly and Contemporary character styles.

Character creation image

Making Accessibility More Accessible 

Plan type: All plans

Direct Caption Editing

Edit and update captions directly within your workflow, reducing editing time and improving accuracy. 

Caption Language Selection

Get more accurate captions in other languages by specifying the output language first. See our complete list of supported languages here

If you’ve been meaning to give Vyond a whirl, now’s a great time! Try it now, free, for two weeks and explore many of these new enhancements. Want to get your whole team involved? Try it as a group! Chat with us about a team pilot.