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2021: Vyond Studio's Year in Review

It’s been quite the year at Vyond, with many new features and enhancements to Vyond Studio! Take a look below to see Vyond’s 2021 highlights reel, along with Vyond Studio’s new features!

New Features in Vyond Studio

Align and Distribute


Align and Distribute enhance your productivity by ensuring that your props and characters are quickly and perfectly spaced across your scene. Take a look at the link below to learn more about how these features can level up your videos!

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Video and folder layout enhancements in list view

We made some big updates to list view in 2021 thanks to your feedback. Now you can organize your video library more efficiently with this latest update that sees large thumbnails for recent videos, a new navigation path, as well as bulk actions on folders and videos.

Grid and safe area guidelines

2021 gave us the option to use line guides in Vyond Studio, making it even easier to compose balanced scenes in your videos. You can find the Guides menu on the right side of the stage just above the timeline, with the option to show ‘Grid’ and ‘Safe Area’ lines.

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Custom Aspect Ratios

2021 brought us the ability to change the aspect ratio on videos! Next time you’re in Vyond Studio, head to the Video Settings menu. You can change the aspect ratio from the usual Horizontal (16:9) to become Square (1:1), Vertical (9:16), or even a custom size.


Learn more about aspect ratios from this article >

*Please note, this feature is available to Premium, Professional, and Enterprise users.

All-New Audio Tracks

Image for All-New Audio Tracks added to Vyond studio in 2021

2021 brought a new wave of audio tracks to Vyond Studio. We retired 58 of our older tracks and added 79 new ones.

A list of the new audio tracks can be found here.

Lock Assets on Stage


This year brought the debut of an often-requested feature: the ability to lock assets to the stage! Select the assets you would like to lock to the stage then right-click to open the menu to see the Lock option. You can unlock the same way, or try the keyboard shortcuts. This feature makes things much easier when you have lots of assets on the stage during video production.

Background Manipulation

2021 brought us the ability to use custom images and even videos as your video’s background in Vyond Studio! And not only can you add images and videos, but you can crop, rotate, and use other manipulation tools to make sure your video looks exactly the way you intend.

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In-Platform Multilingual Search

Image showcasing our In-Platform Multilingual Search. A Feature that was introduced to Vyond studio in 2021

This year, our team worked incredibly hard to allow speakers of languages other than English to easily search within Vyond Studio. Search for props, characters, audio, scene templates, and more in your desired language. Switch the language next to the search bar, and it will translate the search terms to match them with corresponding results from the library.

Learn more about which languages are supported in the search bar from this Help Center article >

Shared Spaces


Last but certainly not least, this year we released our all-new collaboration feature Shared Spaces for Vyond For Enterprise!

Shared Spaces allow you to quickly and easily invite team members to collaborate, making teamwork simple. Shared Spaces allow users to create a space, move or copy your videos into the space, and invite members throughout your organization to join – giving new team members an easy way to get onboard. This reduced time and increased collaboration lead to easier onboarding, enhanced ability of administrators to see what’s going on within their teams, and faster completion of projects.