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Customer Spotlight: Addressing Serious Content in Your Videos

Making videos in Vyond is a fun process, but, quite often, the topics our customers address are more serious. We’re always impressed by how our customers use Vyond to make dry topics effective for their audience.

Customer Spotlight

For our next Customer Spotlight, we want to celebrate a video that was required to navigate more serious content. Enter George Field, digital publishing specialist for nano learning, from the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. George and his fellow colleagues, part of the Association’s Learning Experience Design team, were tasked with presenting complex content to a large community of accountants in a memorable way.

Animated Videos in Higher Level Training

Last year, the Association decided to integrate short-form learning scenarios within an online training course for internal staff. After being introduced to Vyond at a conference, Field’s boss asked him to pursue Vyond to create videos that would help make their content stick.

After some experimentation, the team identified what type of video content resonated most with their audience of accountants, such as videos that are taken at face value, rather than those that are nuanced or coy. It was important for the team to storyboard and plan for content to make sure the images in the video were not an echo of the narration but, rather, a highlight to emphasize the narrator’s point. Field found the most success when he employed the Whiteboard Animation style in their videos.

The team also is well-versed in learning trends and recognized that higher-level videos, such as infographics, are beneficial and appreciated by learners and, therefore, are a key component of the team’s instructional design strategy.

In Field’s Own Words

“First, most of what we do is collaborative. We have three Vyond users who can step in and use our evolving library of starter templates to keep course production on the rails,” Field said. “My colleague Jessica began working with Vyond before the rest of us and developed the classroom scenes—the classroom actually looks like one of ours, and most of the characters were modeled after real colleagues. The video incorporates the classroom environment, some color ‘infographic’ animations, and a black and white whiteboarding scene; those are the core ways we use Vyond.

Vyond videos have proven effective and popular in our courses, so it’s good to be able to support each other with such flexibility.

We didn’t have production issues beyond what you’d expect from a new team working together using a new design tool. Once we figured out how to share assets and templates, production went smoothly. We have a heavy workload with short turnarounds, so our focus is to enhance the learner’s experience, not to show off. We want our learners to benefit from our creativity without knowing we were there.

Videos like this sample are used in continuing education courses for accountants. Our students are motivated learners, but the material is exhaustive and often complex. Course sessions typically last several hours, and consist of narrated presentation slides, knowledge assessments, user interactions, and Vyond videos. Vyond provides a sharable rapid development environment that lets us light up scenario-based learning and lighten up particularly complex information.

This sample is one of our first efforts, but I chose it because it combines the three main types of content we create with Vyond: classroom scenes with characters, ‘infographic’ animations, and monochromatic whiteboard scenes.”

With help from the collaboration feature, the Association’s Learning Experience Design team could successfully create their videos. Vyond is designed to allow business people with no background in animation to quickly and easily create animated videos. Start a Free Trial.

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