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The Best New Animated Video Assets and Templates of 2016

What a year 2016 has been. Giant pandas are no longer endangered! PokemonGo became the go-to activity! The Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter’s orbit! Equally as important, GoAnimate was very busy releasing new templates, assets, and features based on your requests. As we bid adieu to 2016, here’s a round-up of our favorite new GoAnimate additions from 2016.

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The clutch request for the latest baseball content pack came in from an intern in Texas. Thanks for the email, Tess. We agreed that a baseball theme would be useful and think that using sports metaphors in your training or marketing is a surefire way to hit it out of the park. They really bring it home as you present a trophy to your sales rep with the highest commission or convey your team’s “play” for 2017 too.



It’s never been easier to invite your guests to charity events. Putting on a race? We’ve got that template! An auction? Check. Dinner function? Take your pick. You can also use the events template as a video invitation to company events, webinars, and promotions. Christmas party 2017, anyone?


HR/ Onboarding

Using videos for your HR processes improves employee satisfaction, shortens the onboarding timeline, and increases retention rates. Company culture, for example, can be difficult to communicate to new employees in onboarding meetings, but the latest templates help provide more context and instill a connection new employees can understand and internalize, which helps level set their expectations about the company.



Full steam ahead with your new recruits! Take them on an adventure around your company “codes” and the high seas! Who is the captain and first mate of your company? What’s the 2017 treasure or goal? The new pirate templates can equip your new recruits with the lay of your company’s land. 


Politics, News, Analysis, and Opinion

Create company update videos in a snap: “In this today’s news, we reached our 2016 goals and everyone is getting their bonus!”  Drop in a news scenario template, add your custom character, maybe also record a quick voiceover, and you’re done. You’ve made a video! 




Depict the seasons to demonstrate the passing of time, advertise a seasonal sale, and visualize your goals for each quarter in a creative, seasonal way. Here’s what’s new:


Safety and Ergonomics

Whether you’re on an airplane or in the office, safety videos are important to any environment’s overall well-being. The new safety templates are an easy way to remind your employees to practice healthy habits which will in turn mean less negative feedback to your HR team. You’re welcome.



This template is the hero of your content marketing campaign.  Picture this, your customers are ready to be rescued and your product is here to save the day. 

Read about how to create custom superheroes in the character creator.



It’s time to think big; bigger than our solar system even! In 2017 your team is taking a metaphorical mission to Mars and it’s going to require ingenuity, teamwork, and larger-than-life ideas. A space video can also present company responsibilities to new team members like who’s navigating the ship, who’s befriending the aliens, and who is handling the data. With your combined efforts the mission will be a success.


Bonus alert: This gif is a three-in-one of new additions. Can you find them?

Gas Station Template


(Correct answer: 1: Character affection, gas station assets, and improved military uniforms).

Also released this year:

  • Customer support and sales concepts and scenarios
  • “Positive messages” templates to convey cooperation, teamwork and related concepts
  • Musical instruments
  • Updated office scenes
  • Data and text layouts
  • Improved Infographics
  • Childcare assets and templates
  • Finance pack
  • Travel and hospitality additions
  • Supply chain templates
  • Riding a horse
  • Content marketing pack
  • Motorcycle and bike riding templates and helmets
  • New hairstyles, musical instruments and character actions, medical uniforms, other outfits, logo templates, and so much more

Find them all in the video maker.


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