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California Wildfire Update & Donation Resources

California has been devastated by a series of wildfires, which have left over 50,000 people displaced, over 70 lives lost, and hundreds still missing in Northern California in particular. While we in the San Mateo, CA office have been fortunate to be far enough from the fires to be free from immediate danger, the air quality in the area has become increasingly poor and quite dangerous to breathe.

Putting the health and safety of employees first, the Vyond management team made the decision to close the San Mateo office through next week, allowing employees to work from home and avoid exposure to the contaminants in the air. Normal office hours are expected to resume on November 26th. Until then, we will continue to conduct business remotely, in the safety of our homes.

The devastation, however, is weighing heavily on our hearts and minds. In an effort led by Lorenze Torres and David Dolan, over $1,500 was collected from Vyond employees. This has been used to purchase much-needed supplies and personal items, which Lo drove up to the families and firefighters in Butte County, where the fires continue. 


David and the Costco purchase he and Lo made with employee donations. Thanks to Yeushyr Wu for sharing.
Our employee donation pile.

In a demonstration of team spirit and camaraderie, the Hong Kong team continues to send their best wishes and has sent a large supply of masks to the US office. 

We are so thankful to our team and greater community for their compassion in pulling together for our neighbors in Paradise, CA. Thank you for reminding us of why we’re proud to work at Vyond and to live in the Bay Area. Best wishes to all.

Donation Resources

Here are organizations giving direct support to victims of the California fires, specifically in Butte County.  Thank you for your generosity; every bit helps.  

The City of Hope donation center when we dropped off supplies.