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Export Your GoAnimate Videos To Your Lectora Online Library

It’s no secret that eLearning professionals, instructional designers, and trainers all love using video. It can hook a viewer in an intro or drive home an important point, lighten up a difficult-bordering-on-embarrassing topic such as sexual harassment training, or explain a complex topic more easily with animated visuals.

But we know you’re in a rush to produce and publish more, so we’re happy to say the road to getting your videos into your courses just got a whole lot smoother.

Now you can export your GoAnimate videos directly to your Lectora Online library, the leading courseware authoring platform.

To get started, watch this video tutorial for the how-to:

Here’s the breakdown in text form as well:

  • Go to your video’s page on GoAnimate and select “Share / Export” or the “<” symbol;
  • Then click on the Lectora Online icon (look for the letter “L”);
  • Enter your Lectora Online login info and hit “Activate Feature” to connect your accounts. You will only have to do this once;
  • When you’ve enabled the feature, you’ll get another popup. Click on “Convert Video” to export it to your Lectora Online media library;
  • The conversion process can take between few minutes to a few hours. When it’s ready, you’ll receive a notification to the email address attached to your GoAnimate account. The video will automatically show up in your Lectora Online media library;
  • Once you receive the email, visit http://lectoraonline.com/app and log in;
  • Create a new title or open an existing one;
  • Once in the application, mouse over to “Insert” and click on the video icon;
  • Open the “Import” drop down and select “Media Library”;
  • Make sure you are in “My Media”, click on the video you want to insert, then click on the select button;
  • Click “OK” to insert the video;
  • The video will then be added to your title.

Easy, right? We thought so.

Happy animating from your friends at GoAnimate