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New surfing content, a new administrative feature, and more

New Surfing Content

We’ve added new surfing content to the Business Friendly style, including 10 surfing actions, 7 props, and 2 new backgrounds. Take a look, and hit the surf!


Administrator Content Transfer

Professional or Enterprise account administrators can now transfer content from a deactivated user to new users on the team, even if they haven’t yet created their Vyond account. This process greatly streamlines the onboarding of new users. 

Take a look at the video below for a preview of the content transfer process.


Premade Templates

We now have premade video templates for each of our animation styles, covering a broad range of scenarios, settings, and job types. These templates can be used nearly unchanged or as a starting point for your video. Take a look at our new template library to browse our collection of available templates and transfer them directly into your account. 

This Month’s Featured Help Center Articles

How Do Vyond Subscriptions Work? 

Vyond subscriptions have several different levels, and can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Take a look at the above article for information on account levels, upgrades, and more. 

Can I Copy and Paste Assets? 

Most items in Vyond Studio can be copied and pasted, including characters, assets, text, scenes, and more. The article above takes a deeper dive into the types of items that can be copied and pasted, and how copying and pasting works in Vyond Studio. 

How Do I Make a Character’s Lips Open More Widely? 

The way your character’s lips move can be influenced by the way you record your audio. This article gives more information about how to change your audio to achieve the effects you’re looking for.