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Finding the Right Voiceover Talent for Your Video

You lean back in your desk chair, stretch your arms up high, and feel totally and completely satisfied as you exhale a deep sigh and a grin which is part self satisfaction and part total relief. Why?

You have finished not just any Vyond video, but one that is sure to dazzle all who watch your latest video. So now you need a fantastic voice to narrate this video. One that brings out all of the best qualities of the script but remains within budget and on your tight timeline.

There are multiple places you can search for voiceover talent and audition them. All of the below options can work for different budget ranges and you will not be limited by geographic boundaries, as nearly all professional voice talents have professional home studios. Here are some great ways to find professional voiceover artists.

Professional Search Sites


First you might consider voiceover.biz. Voiceover.biz, lets you listen to demos, browse references, and even see a list of equipment that each talent has in his or her studio. This is a great way to find experienced and established professional talent with quality studios. The site is run by by WoVo, the professional organization for voice talents. All actors on voiceover.biz are working professionals who have undergone a rigorous WoVo peer review process.

These talents have had excellent training and quality equipment. The details of choosing can be quite detailed and job-specific and that will be expounded upon in a soon to be released blog post.


Accreu.com is a new player on the scene, and they’re a great direct source for talent. Whether you are looking for specific character voices or a voiceover narrator, you will be able to find what you need at accreu. The talent on this site have been sought out on LinkedIn and other professional sites and asked to join, so they have been vetted as well. You will have access to a multitude of voices and can also negotiate with talent directly.


Believe it or not, you can search Google for a voiceover artist. You can enter terms like: “Female Voiceover and Millennial” or “Male Voiceover and Announcer.” Consider the main adjectives of your spec sheet and then google these terms. It does not make a difference if you search “Voiceover Actor” or “Voice Over” or “voice-over.” You will yield the same results. The key search terms to specify are between general categories of talent pools such as “young adult” versus “millennial” versus “middle aged” and what adjectives you attach to the general voice type you seek. If you’re looking for serious or caring or bubbly, the more descriptive, the better the results will match who you find. Once you have an effective search query, you will find a helpful list of talent to explore. You can visit websites, listen to their demos, and contact any talent you’d like to directly ask he or she to submit an audition read for you.

Pay to Play Websites

You can post your opportunity on a pay to play and have the talent submit for auditions. These sites include voice123.com, bodalgo.com, voicebunny.com, voicearchive.com, and others. VoiceArchive and BunnyStudios are both are accessible directly from Vyond. You can determine your budget and how many auditions you would like to hear when you post your job. You can also send out a few private auditions through the sites to “members,” which is the term for actors whose profiles you think fit your job specs well.

Talent Agents

You can contact a talent agent to cast from its roster or hold auditions for you. Once you determine your budget, the agent will charge you a 10-20% fee. The additional cost saves you time in the search, assures excellent quality, and gets you the exact voice you’re looking for.

Don’t assume that agents wont take small jobs. Plenty of small jobs still go through agents. There are many agents that cast voiceover artists around the country, so you can work with an agent in any market. I am happy to make suggestions if you email me.

So, there’s no need to panic and rush and jump off your comfy office chair and go scurrying about in a frenzy. There are a myriad of wonderful options. I want to emphasize that you’ve put a lot of yourself into this project already and, as with all things in life, and the final voiceover is a large component of that project. You want to finish the project just as strongly as you’ve worked on it so far. If you want your satisfied grin to say in its place, use the tools mentioned above to find a talent who is both talented and pleasant to work with and I guarantee that smile will stay in place when your project goes live.

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Laura Schreiber is a super happy full time, professional voiceover actress who does Commercial, Character, E-learning, Narration, and Promo work. Laura works from her high-end studio and is based in the NYC area. 

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