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Fit February Heart Health Challenge

Our hearts get all the love in Fit February

Welcome to February, the only month of the year dedicated to all aspects of your heart. While Valentine’s Day gets all the love, so to speak, February is also Heart Health Month. Heart disease causes more deaths in United States than all types of cancer combined, so it goes without saying that your heart’s health is pretty important.

In honor of Heart Health Month, Vyond created a Fit February challenge. Fit February is a month-long competition where employees form teams and accrue points for practicing healthy habits like exercising and getting enough sleep. The goal is to focus on your heart, so the more you get moving, the more points you earn, and the healthier you’ll be.

Since video is the most effective tool for communicating a message, we created one to rally the troops and encourage our colleagues to take part in Fit February. Watch what we produced, then copy what we’ve made to use for your own internal challenge.

Why heart health at work?

Your health and your productivity are intrinsically linked. Accordingly, your heart healthy choices directly affect the work you do. Employees who exercise for at least 30 minutes, three times a week, are 15 percent more likely to have higher job performance, according to one study.

Improving your lifestyle habits can be difficult, but here’s some good news: we commit to pursuing healthier activities and diets when we do it with others. Communities provide encouragement and increase accountability and all it takes is sharing your goals with people who can support you, whether they’re friends, family or colleagues.

Having common goals and a little healthy competition will provide plenty of motivation.

Get motivated

Tips for a successful Fit February program 

  • Encourage all employees to participate, no matter their current fitness level.
  • Select a team leader to help encourage other members.
  • Send regular reminders to employees to keep them motivated.
  • Provide information on heart health and other useful topics. This podcast, for example.
  • Focus on making this a FUN program.  

Here’s an additional resource to help motivate you and your team:

Go far, sweat together

Our animation team created this video to highlight how our new sports content can be used to visualize metaphors and tell a larger story. You can use it to convince your boss to give Fit February a try at your company.



Vyond customers, please note: some of the visual effects in this video were not created with Vyond. Specifically, the bounce effects on props and transitions were added with Adobe. Our animation team is experimenting with these effects and working to bring them to Vyond Studio in the future. While we can not provide this video as a template, we encourage you to utilize the different scenes and metaphors in your own videos. 

Video transcript

It might not be a surprise to you that sports activities can help you stay healthy. But when it comes to work, have you ever thought that maybe sports can help make you more efficient?

After hearing this, you may want to work out a bit instead of playing with your phone during lunchtime. A study has shown that exercising at lunchtime helps you do better at work. 60 percent of the workers who spent 30 to 60 minutes exercising at lunch agreed that their time management skills, mental performance, and their ability to meet deadlines improved.

They were less likely to have post-lunch energy dips and were more focused on their work. Their overall performance boosted by about 15 percent.

On a psychological level, how do sports and exercise boost productivity? Research shows that proper exercise can boost morale and ease stress. The workers who exercised claimed that they went home feeling more satisfied with their day. This is because doing exercise will trigger the release of chemicals called endorphins, which makes you feel happy and calm. It was also found that happy workers were up to 20 percent more productive than unhappy workers.

So, you might get to end your meeting earlier if you’re happy! How else could sports and exercise benefit a company? It goes without saying that workers are the most valuable assets of any company. A study showed that incorporating the recommended amount of exercise per week into workdays led to a noticeable reduction in sickness absences and healthcare expense. In other words, healthy and active workers take fewer sick days and earn more money.

Last but not least, focusing on sports during team building events can encourage team spirit. It creates bonds between managers, coworkers, and everyone on all levels. Workers feel more valued from the collective support and interaction, making them more loyal to their company. It’s clearly a win-win in terms of health, morale, and productivity for both employees and employers.

There’s a saying that couples who sweat together, stay together. It’s just as true that companies that sweat together stay together. What are you waiting for? Let’s grab a ball and sweat together!

How to use our Fit February video template

The video template at the top of this post is free to use and customize with a paid account or 14-day free trial of Vyond. Customers will have the ability to download and share their final video. 

Follow these steps to access the template:

In years past, this video (combined with our natural enthusiasm for competition) lit the fire, and the majority in our office enthusiastically took part. We’re excited to host Fit February again this year, but this with our US and Asia-based teams taking part. We hope you have fun including animated video in your next internal communications project.

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