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Product Update: Font Changes and Additions

Announcing changes to the GoAnimate font library this August.

The choice of typeface (or font) enhances visual communication and contributes to the overall understanding and tone of your videos. We are pleased to announce that we will be modifying some of our existing fonts to make them more applicable for business use. These fonts will automatically appear in the video maker, there’s no action you’ll need to take to use them.


Beginning August 7th, you’ll notice that the fonts in the video maker will look a little different. We’re updating 13 existing fonts and adding four new ones to all GoAnimate and GoAnimate for Schools accounts. See the image below for all of the font changes and additions.


All 17 new fonts will be updated in the font drop-down and tray. The updated fonts are similar to the originals but will be noticeably different for many customers. We believe the updates will help make your videos look more polished and professional, and will contribute to the ultimate success of your message.

Take a look at a before and after of the Whiteboard Animation templates with the new fonts on the right:



Fear not though, your existing videos are not affected by the font changes. The changes will only impact new videos and changes to a text box in an existing video. As a paid subscriber, you can download your MP4 video file, without any changes to the existing fonts, at any time.

Remember, GoTeam subscribers can import specified brand fonts, or hundreds of other creative options, into their accounts.

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