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Ghost Edition: Top 10 Authoring Tools for 2013

We’ve been ÜBER‎ busy here at GoAnimate, and things aren’t slowing down any time soon. Added to the wonderful chaos is eLearning Conference Season. This year we added on DevLearn to our ever-growing conference list, which was a perfect match for us.

While we were at DevLearn, we were thrilled to see Craig of eLearning 24-7 again. And we were even more pleased to read his wonderful review of GoAnimate.

Here’s a snippet:

One of my trends for 2014 is the increase of video courses – i.e. courses created in video rather than embedding a video. As such, GoAnimate sits in at number three, because it outputs its scenarios to MP4. Not only that but you can choose from 360p for faster conversion or 720p for HD – ideal for online video or even, 1080p for Blu-Ray quality.

If you want to embed you can do that as well.

Features I like include:

  • Avatars, animations, voice synching and a lot of options to do a variety of capabilities within the course

  • Timeline

  • Ability to upload your own audio and other files or use their audio tracks

  • Can use their own text to speech options or record your own voice”

Read the whole piece here on eLearning 24-7.