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Celebrating Nine Years of Animated Video with 15,000 Assets

It has been 9 years. 9 years and over 15,000 assets since GoAnimate started.

A Look Back

It seemed like just a short while ago (2007 to be exact) when Alvin, our CEO was trying to make a video.

Back then, he looked at a wide range of unsuitable options and realized that he would have to learn a lot of complex software, spend money on expensive camera equipment, or try other inefficient solutions in order to make his video.

But none of the options seemed easy or even efficient.

9-year-anniversary-celebration-2 3.38.18 PM

That’s when Alvin had an idea. An idea to simplify the process of video making by creating an intuitive platform. A platform that would allow other non-video making professionals like himself to create animated videos – quickly and easily.

Making A Video Shouldn’t Be A Drag! (It Should Be A Drag & Drop)

That’s how the company was started.

Being of entrepreneurial bent, Alvin built out a seasoned team to help develop the platform. After a year and a half, they plugged it in. And it worked.

Point, click, drag, drop. Animated videos for everyone!

9-year-anniversary-celebration-3 3.38.18 PM

In the beginning we primarily focused on individuals, since that’s what we knew. Users flocked to our site and pretty soon we were invited to be founding partners of YouTube/Create. Things were really taking off!

And then our world got bigger.

Shortly thereafter, we started getting calls from businesses and schools wanting to be partners.

So we revisited our roots and started building out features and re-adapting our platform for a much wider range of users.

Fast forward a few years to 2011, and we had launched GoAnimate for Schools, featuring dedicated privacy, security, content moderation, and group management features.

In the years that followed, we put our ear to the ground to listen to what our customers had to say. This led to new Whiteboard Animation and Infographics themes, followed by GoTeam, a group / enterprise subscription plan.

We continued to grow with our customer base and along the way we added more people to help out our customers, through more channels (phone, live, chat), during more hours of the day. Now we host webinars and regular GoAnimate University sessions, and continually add resources including tips and guides to our Help Center. It’s all about helping our customers produce better videos, faster.

GoAnimate Today

Fast forward to today, and GoAnimate is the leader in easy-to-create animated videos. But none of this would have been possible without you, our fellow videomakers.

We have had the privilege of working with some truly innovative people who have helped us grow. People that have helped us throughout the years, supported us, and inspired us to keep improving our platform.

We have learned a lot over the years as we continue to grow the platform, including new templates, assets, props, and characters. So much so, that we add roughly 400 new assets each month to GoAnimate, most of which are derived from customer requests.

Celebrating 9 Years of Animated Video

We have a lot of ideas we want to implement in the future. And while we’re constantly adding new features, assets and even moving to HTML5; we want to celebrate this important milestone.


Thank you for your support and suggestions over the years – keep them coming!

What’s Next?

Make a video using any number of the 15,000 available assets in GoAnimate:


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